The Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Smart Lock for Your Business

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Smart Lock for Your Business


While locks remained largely free of major innovation for centuries, that changed with the creation of the smart lock. As a technology-oriented, modern company, it may make sense that your place of business incorporate this particular piece of tech.

However, as a relatively new technology, smart locks still come with a hefty price tag of at least $200 each and a set of shortcomings along with them. It is therefore important to take the following considerations before upgrading your traditional locks.

Who needs access, and how will they do so?
In most cases, more than one person will need the ability to open the smart lock. Therefore, the headcount must be considered when selecting a locking solution. If it’s a private office, maybe one or two people will need access, but a company break room will need to grant permissions to many more than that. This concern is especially important when selecting which smart key option to put in place, as some will give a limited number of digital access keys and charge for any extra ones you need. If you run a small company, this may not concern you so much, but if you have many employees, purchasing digital keys for a few dollars a pop will add up quickly.

Which brings us to your next concern–how exactly will these smart locks collect the data that triggers them to open? Will they be equipped with a keypad for access code enter, or will they use a digital key stored on a mobile device? Some more advanced solutions might even incorporate biometric or other more advanced technologies.

What security features are present that will help protect your business?
Smart locks are typically no stronger than your run-of-the-mill lock and key setup, and don’t offer much extra as for physical security. However, many of these locks keep a log of who disengages the lock, and when, allowing you to track office activity if you are away. Some locks offer auto-locking abilities or even built-in alarm systems, while others will automatically unlock if you get close enough to them. Depending on your needs, some features will make more sense than others.

While smart locks seem like more of a luxury item when compared to other infrastructure improvements, there are certainly invaluable benefits to implementing increased security measures to protect your company’s assets. Resolve I.T. can help you determine your needs and the proper infrastructure selections to meet them, regardless of whether it’s a smart lock or a storage solution. Call us today a (978) 993-8038.