What we do for our partners...

Please explore a few of the many services that Resolve I.T. provides below.


Remote Helpdesk

Think of us as your IT Department.  We aren’t just “PC Fix it guys” we are you strategic business partners.  We strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure while performing day-to-day support that keeps your users from experiencing downtime.

Field Services Team

Although many issues can be addressed remotely now a days, sometime, you just need to know someone can physically be there for you.  Our group of talented road technicians are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable experts in the field of information technology.

Client Advocate

At Resolve I.T. we constantly strive to improve everything that we do.  All of our employees are tasked with being a “Client Advocate” for each of our partners.  This service ranges from identify business pain points that can be solved with technology to referring new business sales opportunities.  Our job is to look out for you in every possible way that we can and try to make your work life easier, more efficient, and/or profitable.

One Support Number

Resolve I.T.’s technicians work with a whole slew of hardware and software vendors every single day.  A big part of our daily lives involve building relationships with vendors.  We also know our clients’ IT infrastructure, goals, and IT differentials much better than any third-party vendor ever could.  It’s only natural for us to extend these services to our partners.


Proactive Maintenance

Managed services are a particular approach to IT support that focuses on proactively resolving issues before they can have any impact on a business’ operations. This is how managed services stand out from other forms of IT support (including your in-house resources),

Vendor Management

Ever deal with a computer issue for days because you don’t want to make the commitment to spend hours on the phone with the manufacturer’s support?  We understand completely.  Third-party technical support can run you around in circles before getting anywhere when you really need things to be back up and running so your staff can operate normally.

Enterprise AntiVirus

Viruses can cause a lot of problems for businesses, slowing workstations and networks down to a crawl, and can often be attributed to data loss.  As part of our proactive IT, we keep your antivirus licenses and definitions up to date to protect your bottom line.  Our antivirus solution has a small footprint, keeping workstation bottlenecks at a minimum.

Data Backup & Recovery

Any seasoned computer technician will tell you, there are two types of hard drives – those that have failed and those that will fail.  The only question is when.  With the Resolve I.T. Blueprint for Success’s Backup & Disaster Recovery, you can have peace of mind knowing all of your data is continuously archived, redundant, and ready to restore at a moment’s notice, even after a major disaster.


Annual Budget Plan

At Resolve I.T. we hate unexpected expenses. We do our best to reduce surprises by assisting with your annual technology budget planning.

Planned Obsolescence

Planning the replacement of outdated equipment and software helps us to spread out expenses and reduce the chances of outages and surprises.

Business Issue Analysis

We work with you to review business issues that can be resolved with the use of technology.

Project Prioritization

We review your 1, 3, & 5 year business growth plans to make sure we are collectively making the right technology decisions today to lay the foundation for your future.


IT Project Management

At Resolve I.T. Inc we can meet all of your company′s project needs. Whether you require a helping hand on an existing project or you need a project to be managed and delivered from start to finish. Resolve I.T. is the right solution for you.

Projects on Time

We plan projects to fit your business needs, budget, and time frames.  We plan everything to cause as little disruption to your company as possible.  Proper intake and governance of IT projects is critical. Tight deadlines, lots of people and multiple projects, planning your time can be very tricky. Not anymore, if you work with Resolve I.T. we take care of it all.

Projects on Budget

At Resolve I.T. we hate unexpected expenses. We do our best to reduce surprises by assisting with your project budget planning. We offer project managers certified in the field of Information technology and deliver flat rate project services to help eliminate scope creep and budget overruns.

Project Prioritization

We review your 1, 3, & 5 year business growth plans to make sure we are collectively making the right technology decisions today to lay the foundation for your future.


Web Filtering & Firewall Services

Block inappropriate web traffic &/or site content from your employees effectively without keeping your staff from the sites and services they need.  With Resolve I.T.’s Content Filtering Solutions, you can have precise control over the sites to which your users can go.

Password Management

All personal accounts to applications or websites require a login. This leads to the average user having quite a large inventory of passwords, which, at first glance, can seem a bit daunting. There are many practices and tools available to maximize account security for both you and your staff.

Email Retention

Emails can be stored in their entirety in an authentic, tamper-proof, accessible manner for many years with the help of the Resolve I.T. email retention solution. Furthermore, email retention can assist with certain eDiscovery scenarios and makes it easier to use emails as evidence in court proceedings.

Especially in heavily regulated industries, e.g. healthcare, financial services, legal or government.

SPAM Protection

As a business owner, you probably spend a solid amount of time every day checking your email and responding to leads, customers, and employees. Unfortunately, one of the primary faults in email communication is the prevalence of spam. If your organization only works with the bare essentials of spam protection, you’re likely wasting both time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.


Cloud Infrastructure

Take your whole IT to the cloud

Don’t take just your server to the cloud. Resolve I.T. offers a full range of hosted infrastructure solutions including data storage and desktop virtualization.

With a completely managed hosted IT infrastructure, empower your team with the tools they need and still protect your bottom line. You will no longer have to worry about hardware and software upgrades again. Set up a consultation and see how much you can save with Resolve I.T. Hosted Solutions today .

Remote Access

Connect from anywhere, from any device!

Remote Access has changed the way our clients are able to work.  It has increased productivity and convenience, all while relieving stress and saving our clients on travel time (especially during snow storms!).  You and your staff can benefit from remote access as well; whether you have multiple locations or have staff that can work from home, we can work with you to create a secure connection so you and your end-users can easily get to the files, software, and computing resources they need.

Virtualized Desktop

Let Resolve I.T. host your desktop environments from our datacenter and help take the worry out of your IT.

With Resolve I.T. Hosted Desktop, your entire office can be virtualized, granting your employees access anywhere to their desktop and applications.  By centralizing your desktop environment, you can access your files and programs from anywhere on virtually any device with a web browser, and the cost of management and support is minimized.Using our Hosted Desktop Platform, all of your applications and data are stored in our Network Operations Center. With unparalleled physical and technological security mechanisms you will never have to worry about data security again.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS’s success reveals that paying less for more over time can be a valid way to build out your IT infrastructure. Instead of purchasing software outright, businesses are finding that it’s more efficient and economically feasible to pay smaller fees at a monthly rate. Other benefits include using only the most up-to-date versions of business apps, and the ability to access these applications from anywhere with an Internet connection. Considering how it’s both easier and more cost-effective to add users to a cloud-based solution than purchasing new software licenses for all of your employees, the cloud is definitely the way to go.  At Resolve I.T. we provide, manage, and support a plethora of web-based software solutions.


Let us know what we can do for you and your company.  If you need immediate help, give us a call at 978-993-8038.  If you just want to be on our radar or would like to receive our newsletter, please do not hesitate to let us know.