Make the Switch to Resolve I.T.

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Many businesses become complacent over time with their chosen IT company because they:

  1. Don’t really understand the technical aspect of their business
  2. Don’t have a backup plan in place in case things go wrong
  3. Feel like the “evil you know” is safer than trying out a new vendor

This allows many IT companies to “get lazy” over time, becoming lax in their timely customer service and IT issue resolution, often “solving issues” by forwarding form emails and knowledgebase URLs which leaves the business owner feeling taken advantage of (“I could’ve just Googled that”) and spends so much time that you wonder if your IT company is purposely giving you to runaround until you go away.

If you’ve ever thought, “why am I even paying for IT services?” when a situation arises where you need help, then it’s definitely time to consider a new IT provider.

Free Consultation!

Resolve I.T. offers up to 2 hours for a preliminary IT consultation on your business at no cost to you.

You tell us what’s plaguing your business the most when it comes to IT, and we’ll let you know how we can help resolve the issues.

We try to add value to all that we do, so if Resolve I.T. is not the right fit for your company, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction to find someone else that is a better match.

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