Tip of the Week: How Your Secrets Can be Spilled by a Jogging App

When considering your business’ security, it is only too easy to overlook how information of any kind might be compromised. Take, for example, the case study that is provided by the fitness application Strava, the jogging app that shares more data than many, including the United States military, would prefer. Utilizing GPS-enabled fitness trackers, Strava…


Why Both Halves Of Your Security Are Equally Important

We talk about network security a lot, and for good reason. The majority of today’s businesses rely heavily on their information systems and there is plenty of danger presented by Internet-based threats. However, some organizations spend so much time worrying about cyber threats that they forget that physical threats exist outside the technology plane. Your…


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Smart Lock for Your Business

While locks remained largely free of major innovation for centuries, that changed with the creation of the smart lock. As a technology-oriented, modern company, it may make sense that your place of business incorporate this particular piece of tech. However, as a relatively new technology, smart locks still come with a hefty price tag of…


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