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"I LOVE the team at Resolve I.T.! They are always quick to respond, and they've helped with everything from basic email issues to reconfiguring a server. They're thorough and personable and I am consistently impressed with their level of customer service. It's a quality that's rare in external I.T. and certainly appreciated! I look forward to continuing to work together!  " N.G. (PR and Creative Services agency in Boston, New York and Los Angeles)
"Resolve I.T. has been an indispensable resource to our organization.  They host and manage our entire I.T. infrastructure including servers and email, and are always a quick email or phone call away if we need them.  Resolve I.T. is always responsive and they’ve never left an issue outstanding. As the Executive Director, I look for partners that I can depend on and Resolve I.T. has met that requirement and more.  " L.S. (Executive Director, Foremost Business Incubator of the North Shore)
"Resolve I.T. acts quickly and they don’t hesitate to respond. We found ourselves in an unexpected bind and they were thoroughly professional and proficient – we were up and running in no time! Their crew of technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and they explain things in common terms that the average “non-techie” can understand. We would highly recommend them!  " M.S. (Operations Manager, Preeminent Full-service Residential Remodeling Firm)
"Resolve IT makes you feel like you are the only client they have. They are so attentive and won’t stop until they have a solution for you. You can always get a hold of them and they have the ability to calm you down the second you connect with them." R.S. (VP, Account Director, Strategic Branding and Graphic Design Firm)
"Super responsive and knowledgeable. Always follow up when necessary. Simply excellent IT support." T.C. (Engineer, BioMed Technology Firm)
"Joe was quick and efficient to resolve the issue and get me working again. Thank you!" B.M. (Risk Management Firm)
"Joe was great. Installed the certificate and waited while I logged back in to make sure my issue didn't pop up again." T.T. (Professional Employee Placement Agency)
"Resolve I.T. is appropriately named for its commitment to excellence in resolving technical problems from the smallest incident to crippling issues, always with promptness and a professionalism which has never wavered. For many years now, their constantly undated expertise and advice has kept all technical aspects of our computers, servers, software and secure e-mail running smoothly and efficiently and their friendliness makes it a delight to work with them.    " K.E (Program Director, Prominent Massachusetts Non Profit )
"Hello Jason, I know it’s early and I’m not trying to bother you. I just wanted to tell you that you are so my hero today and you have done such a great job and how appreciative I am. If you need anything you can call me but I guess it will be the other way around I’ll probably call you when I need something but it was a pleasure working with you and thank you so much. Bye-bye.      " M.J. (Executive Director, Medical Research Facility )
"Thanks Resolve I.T. for your prompt and efficient service. The staff is polite, patient and can help with any IT problems that an old lady like me can throw at them. Excellent job! " S.M. (Professional Employee Placement Agency) – 4/13/2020
"I gave up after 5 min of trying ...Called Resolve I.T. and they solved it in less than 5 sec !!!!" P.I. (Large Greater Boston Area Medical Practice) – 4/15/2020
"Saving the day once again! Chris and Resolve I.T. always come through in times of trouble! I HIGHLY recommend Resolve I.T.! " C.R. (Full-Service Landscaping Design Firm) – 4/16/2020
"Quick, polite, effective, efficient.....awesome every time. Thank you! " S.M. (Professional Employee Placement Agency) – 4/16/2020
"We have used Resolve IT for many years and have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with them. Both Jason Bowen and Pat Agostino, along with their growing team of Rockstar IT professionals are always the first to respond to any sort of crisis we may be having. Unfortunately running a business, IT crises do happen... on a semi-regular basis. We are so thankful every time we pick up the phone and call Resolve IT as they are quick with the response, and dependable with follow-through.  " Dr. A.L. (Full Service Dental Practice)
"Great customer service. Are very patient and willing to spend time with you. " J.G. (New England Region Energy Energy Company) – 4/16/2020
"Well done. I needed immediate IT assistance at 5:30 PM, and I was up and running within 10 minutes! " J.T. (New England Region Energy Energy Company) – 4/22/2020
"Tariq has always been a Rock Star in helping me. He gets right to the matter and gets it fixed. Thank you!" T.T. (Professional Employee Placement Agency) – 4/24/2020
"Jamie was outstanding and spent a great deal of time resolving my difficult problem " J.F. (Large Greater Boston Area Medical Practice) – 4/24/2020
"I had a problem with my printer not talking to my computer. Tariq got on remotely and corrected the issue in under 2 minutes. Very polite and professional! Truly an asset to Resolve I.T." E.B. (Manufacturing & Fulfillment Firm) – 4/24/2020
"I called the "tech help" line and Tariq was working it. I am working remotely due to the Corona situation and trying to connect a new printer that was not co-operating. Tariq logged onto my computer and the printer came to life. He nailed it! Most appreciated, great job!" E.B. (Manufacturing & Fulfillment Firm)
"Excellent and quick service and resolved the problem in a timely manner! Highly recommend Resolve I.T.!" B.S. (New England Region Energy Energy Company) – 4/27/2020
"Joe nailed it. My email is back up and running on my computer and Iphone. " E.B. (Manufacturing & Fulfillment Firm) – 4/28/2020
"Always a pleasure working with the Resolve I.T. team. Even when it takes some time, they always get the job done." S.S. (Manufacturing & Fulfillment Firm) – 4/29/2020
"Thanks for your help! punctual, professional, pleasant!" S.M. (Professional Employee Placement Agency) – 4/30/2020
"Josh did a great job. I couldn't access Windows apps when updating in the background. Josh did update after hours. Excel is working great today. Thank you" J.G. (New England Municipality) – 5/7/2020
"Chris never fails to get to the bottom of an issue and has complete patience on the user-end! Thank you!" M.D. (New England Municipality) – 5/13/2020
"Joey did an awesome job setting this up. He also has a tremendous amount of patience as I am not an IT person and being a remote set up I had to complete some of the tasks. Great job Joey!!" R.D. (New England Region Energy Energy Company) – 5/22/2020
"As always, Joe is a great asset to the Resolve I.T. family. Always helpful !!!! " S.K. (New England Region Energy Energy Company) – 5/26/2020
"Resolve I.T. is amazing - you all are very polite, professional and an absolute joy to work with. Always helpful and quick to assist with any mess I may have gotten into on my computer. THANK YOU! " D.P. (New England Region Energy Energy Company) – 5/27/2020
"Very prompt response, quick identification and fix of issue. Great team." K.D. (Property Management Firm) – 6/9/2020
"Very technically adept, and great service! They respond to problems rapidly and fix them quickly." Dr. K.M. (Pharmaceutical Production & Retail Company) – 6/15/2020
"Joey was great and got it done in two minutes." T.T. (Professional Employee Placement Agency) – 6/19/2020
"Thank you so much for coming and helping to straighten things out. Greatly appreciated by both of us!" J.P. (Law Firm Cape Cod Satellite Office) – 7/1/2020
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