If You Hate Downtime, Then You’re Going to Love Managed IT

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If You Hate Downtime, Then You’re Going to Love Managed IT


Nobody who relies on IT to do their job relishes downtime. When the clock is ticking towards the deadline for a project and suddenly the network disconnects, the stress levels of everyone involved spike upwards. What’s worse is when some part of the company infrastructure is down for a time longer than a few minutes–at that point the business is at risk of losing revenue, repute, and if the outage is severe enough, its ability to remain open.

Clearly, system outages and downtime are not desirable, and so they should be avoided whenever possible. One of the most effective methods of doing so is to institute a proactive maintenance and monitoring strategy for your IT network.

The “What”
Proactive monitoring and maintenance is exactly what it sounds like: rather than waiting for a bug or issue to bring your business operations to a screeching halt and then spending valuable time fixing it, proactive monitoring and maintenance sees the bug or issue coming–allowing you to cut back or even mitigate any problems it may have caused otherwise. Additionally, potential improvements and upgrades to your system are implemented as soon as possible to better defend from threats in the first place. Ultimately, this combination of measures allows for a more stable and productive system as a whole.

The “Why”
A few of the main benefits of adopting a proactive monitoring and maintenance strategy are pretty clear. First of all, the reliability of your systems receives a big boost, as threat mitigation keeps your systems running, while well-timed and thoughtful upgrades maximize their efficiency with a reduced risk of incompatibility between solutions.

On the administrative side of things, there are some clear benefits to taking proactive action while monitoring your systems. As far as the budget goes, instead of amassing sporadic and unpredictable charges in maintenance fees as surprise problems get resolved, a proactive approach allows for a consistent, predictable, budgetable cost that is easily planned and prepared for. Additionally, since many threats are reduced before they cause much trouble, the cost of recovery is minimized.

The “Who”
Savvy business owners, CIOs, and other decision-makers have been moving away from the antiquated break/fix approach since the proactive management approach was first conceptualized. More and more have shifted their tactics as the benefits of the latter approach have become more and more clear. Your business should be the next to join them.

The “When”
As soon as possible.

The “Where”
Here at Resolve I.T.. We have the ability to provide you with comprehensive management and maintenance of your IT. Give us a call at (978) 993-8038 today.