The Main Differences Between Hollywood Hackers and the Real Deal

Technology drives almost everything in modern society, so it’s not a surprise to see hackers being represented in the entertainment we consume. They don’t always get it right, however. In fact, most of the computing constructs demonstrated in entertainment don’t actually exist in real life. This week, we thought we’d briefly discuss the differences between…


Choosing to Enact a Zero-Trust IT Security Policy Can Significantly Reduce Problems

It’s often difficult to figure out who and what you should trust with your business’ cybersecurity. How can you know for sure that each individual accessing your infrastructure is secured from threats? A zero-trust model can help by providing reassurance that everyone accessing your network is who they say they are What is Zero-Trust? Zero-trust…


Discerning Between a Data Breach and a Security Incident Can Fuel Your Response to Each

Cybersecurity is an incredibly important part of any business, but there are slight differences in various terms that can make for huge misunderstandings. For example, the average office worker might hear of “data breaches” and imagine they are “security incidents.” They might not technically be wrong, but the two terms aren’t exactly the same, either….


Ads Can Carry Malicious Code

Sometimes you might be browsing the Internet and come across an advertisement for free downloads of Windows applications. Obviously, this is too good to be true, and hackers tend to exploit advertisements to spread their influence across devices. Malvertising is used to deliver various types of threats, all of which can cause considerable harm to…


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