Tip of the Week: Online Tool Explains Complex Tech Terms Without Being Techy

Without a background in technology, understanding technical jargon can be a daunting task. To help you out, The Washington Post and Alphabet have put together a free online tool called Sideways Dictionary. With Sideways, technical terms are explained using non-technical analogies. It’s the aim of the project’s developers to educate the public about what these…


Alert: Vast Marketing Database Leaked. 33.7 Million Records Made Public

A sizable cache of personal information has been made public, with 33.7 million records being exposed. While not technically dangerous in its own right, this data could potentially be used to enable those with less-than-noble intentions. The 53 GB leaked database, contained email addresses, corporate data, and other professional details. Very professionally organized and strictly…


Researchers Find 23 IoT Device Manufacturers’ Lack of Security Disturbing

At the recent DEF CON security conference in Las Vegas, hackers taking part in the IoT Village tested the security of a variety of Internet-of-Things devices that are widely available to consumers. They found dozens of vulnerabilities, reinforcing the idea that IoT-device manufacturers need to do a better job securing their products. In total, hackers…


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