Researchers Find 23 IoT Device Manufacturers’ Lack of Security Disturbing

At the recent DEF CON security conference in Las Vegas, hackers taking part in the IoT Village tested the security of a variety of Internet-of-Things devices that are widely available to consumers. They found dozens of vulnerabilities, reinforcing the idea that IoT-device manufacturers need to do a better job securing their products. In total, hackers…


Will the Internet of Things Grow More Deadly in the Future?

The Internet of Things is on its way, and more devices are connecting to the Internet than ever before. Unfortunately, this also means that more devices are vulnerable to the threats that cybercrime poses. Some professionals believe that, despite the obvious benefits that the Internet of Things provides (i.e. big data analytics) some cyber criminals…


New Study Shows Data Center Growth Threatens the Environment

Most of the Internet’s data is stored in data centers. Logistically, data centers are a great solution to store ridiculous amounts of data. However, from an environmental perspective, data centers may be doing more harm than good. This, according to a new report by the National Resources Defense Council. Brace Yourself for the Data TsunamiFirst…


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