An Employee Fixing Their Own Technology May Do More Harm Than Good

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An Employee Fixing Their Own Technology May Do More Harm Than Good


Have you ever gone to a restaurant with a wonderful little dessert buffet, where there is a convenient soft-serve ice cream machine that lets you eat as much as you want? The convenience of this “self-serve” model is one which has permeated many industries. Just take a look at self-checkout at major retailers–people want to do things themselves. Unfortunately, this doesn’t translate very well into business technology management.

The reason for this is simple: only qualified technicians should be the ones to perform complicated procedures. Let’s say that you’re experiencing a major hardware problem that can only be resolved through purchasing a new component and installing it. If the worker doesn’t have the technical know-how and is relying on YouTube videos and online guides to fix your critical IT functions, you’d do well to find a better, more proficient solution.

That being said, there is one situation where your business can benefit from employees taking part in technology support: an “all-you-can-eat” help desk solution. This is an outsourced solution in which a managed service provider like Resolve I.T. acts as a third-party consultant, offering your organization’s workforce the help it needs at a whim.

It works like this–your employees are given a single point of contact for all technology troubles or IT questions. This could be a phone number, an email address, or a ticketing system for requesting help with their technology. This gives your employees a place to go when their computer freezes up and they need help getting it up and running again.

Furthermore, our technicians can remote into your employees’ workstations to work on resolving the problem. All they need to do is reach out to the help desk.

The most noticeable change that you’ll see when investing in remote support is that your employees will get right back to work without waiting for an on-site technician.This eliminates downtime that would otherwise cripple your business in the long run, and better yet, it helps you get the most out of your organization’s technology! At the end of the day, isn’t that what IT support is all about?

If you need a reliable technology help desk support solution, reach out to the experts at Resolve I.T.. Our trained professionals will work with your employees to make sure that they experience the least amount of downtime as possible. To learn more, reach out to us at (978) 993-8038.