World Backup Day Reminds Us All that, Yes, it Can Happen to You

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World Backup Day Reminds Us All that, Yes, it Can Happen to You


There are a lot of things a business should have, that they hopefully won’t need. A few examples might include a fire extinguisher, a plunger, or a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. Each of them are exceptionally important in their own way. Since today is World Backup Day, we’ll stick to discussing BDR.

As we do so, it’s important to point out that a BDR solution is made up of multiple parts, each with its own crucial task. It’s right there in the name: Backup and Disaster Recovery. These two halves each play an integral part in ensuring your business continuity.

Backup: This half of the BDR consists of exactly what it says on the box. It is there to ensure that your data is backed up, safely preserved in case something were to happen to your local files. Simply put, it’s an extra copy of your data to replace the original if a situation (like a power outage or a ransomware attack) were to destroy, lock, or otherwise make the original files inaccessible.

Disaster Recovery: As for the Disaster Recovery portion of BDR, this is the half that presumes that the worst has happened. In other words, it is for when a natural disaster, weather event, or some other unfortunate circumstance has caused serious harm to not only your data, but the equipment you use to access it, and your location itself. In response to this possibility, the BDR enables a business to have a fallback that enables operations to resume as rapidly as possible.

These two halves make up the whole that is a solid BDR strategy. All businesses should have one in place, because the unfortunate reality is that a business-crippling disaster could happen at any time, as could a data-loss incident.

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