Using Windows Hello to Add Security

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Using Windows Hello to Add Security

Authentication is a tricky thing for businesses. While people want to be secure, they also want to make that security as convenient as possible. Developments involving solutions like Windows Hello, a biometrics authentication system used by Microsoft, have been pushing this trend forward. Let’s take a look at Windows Hello and see what kinds of authentication features it brings to the table.

What is Windows Hello, Anyway?

Simply put, Windows Hello is an authentication technology that Windows users can utilize to authenticate their identities through the use of biometrics rather than a password. The key feature here is that Hello is designed to be more user-friendly than passwords without putting security on the line. Biometric technology uses proof of a physical attribute, i.e. something you are, and compares that to a previously stored record. So, you scan your face, fingerprint, or iris, and if it matches the saved record closely enough, then you are granted access to the device.

How Windows Hello Works

Passwords have long been considered the standard for computer security, but there are many flaws with them that need to be taken into consideration. Of course, we would never say that you ditch passwords entirely; all we are saying is that there are a lot of best practices to think about in regards to passwords. For example, if a user has over 100 passwords, then each of them must be complex and follow established best practices, which is a lot for your average user to consider when it is so easy to just reuse the same old one multiple times. These types of insecure decisions can lead to poor security as a result.


Windows Hello aims to make security easy through the use of biometrics. It even has a built-in anti-spoofing technology that can keep hackers from tricking the system into admitting them.

Does Windows Hello Belong in Businesses?

If you choose to implement Windows Hello in the workplace, we recommend that you supplement it with other security precautions and features. Microsoft has suggested that this feature will carry over to Windows 11, and password access will be reinforced by other built-in protections.


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