Tip of the Week: Cortana Makes Keeping Track of Your Team Easier

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Tip of the Week: Cortana Makes Keeping Track of Your Team Easier


Cortana is a very useful assistant to have around the office, but did you know how useful Cortana can be in other aspects of your life? With football season underway, we felt it was appropriate to share how Cortana can help you follow your favorite teams. Of course, this will work for any sport, and it is a very easy process.

Since this tip requires Cortana to work, your Windows PC is likely the best place to put this into action.

First, you need to access Cortana’s Notebook, which can be found in Cortana’s search window. After clicking the Search bar at the bottom of your screen to open up Cortana, you will be able to find a notebook icon directly below the home icon. Clicking on this icon will bring you to another menu that permits you to share your interests with Cortana.

After that has been attended to, you can navigate to the subsection of the Notebook entitled Sports. Here, you’ll find Teams I’m Tracking, where you should select Add a team and enter your favorite team. Once you’ve navigated to the next page, check off the options to display scores and notifications on your device and click the Add button. Repeating these steps will allow you to add more teams to your notification roster–not only that, you can incorporate the same notifications for TV, movies, news, and more.

However, as with any assistant like Cortana, there is a slight privacy trade-off. Cortana collects its users’ data in order to improve, but there is always the question: is that all that is done with that data? Therefore, think long and hard before you decide whether or not you share this information with Microsoft.

What teams would you have Cortana follow for you? Let us know by leaving a comment!