For Business Purposes, VoIP Just Makes Sense

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For Business Purposes, VoIP Just Makes Sense


Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly referred to as VoIP, has quickly become the most practical and efficient choice for a small business’ communication solution. While most businesses using VoIP can share their positive experience with VoIP, some people don’t even know what it is. We’re here to help you thoroughly understand what VoIP is, and point out the many benefits that your organization can stand to gain by implementing VoIP.

Many of the benefits afforded by VoIP can be understood simply by looking at how a traditional telephone operates. When you speak to someone on the other end of the line, the sound of your voice hits the part of a phone called a diaphragm, converting your voice to electrical energy. The energy is then transmitted through a phone line to the receiver’s telephone. Once the energy has arrived, it is successfully reverted to sound, which allows the person to hear your voice.

Similar to the traditional telephone handset, VoIP’s processes begin when a voice is spoken into the receiver, be it a headset, traditional handset, or a smartphone. The voice is compressed into digital packets, which are then transported to the recipient through the Internet. Since VoIP handles information in this way, you never have to pay for the traditional telephone solution, because your voice is being transmitted through your organization’s bandwidth. This makes VoIP a much more cost-effective solution.

VoIP also offers much greater control over your telephone situation. You get many great features that a traditional telephone solution can’t provide. Some of these services you might only be able to take full advantage of if you paid a premium price, but VoIP makes it more affordable as a whole. You can leverage everything from conference calling to voicemail, including some more obscure and important solutions like instant messaging and video chat, at a much more convenient and manageable cost.

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