Tip of the Week: Achieve Your Goal By Getting a Sassy Bot to Nag You

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Tip of the Week: Achieve Your Goal By Getting a Sassy Bot to Nag You


People who constantly nag, typically only do so because they care. Yet, nagging is counterproductive because doing so only pushes people away. Thanks to the Nagbot app, you can find the motivation you crave by outsourcing your nagging needs to a bot!

Nagbot is a clever texting app that’s activated by going to Nagbot.io. From here, click Create a nag and you’ll be taken to a second page.

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Next, enter your name, phone number, the yes or no question that you want to be asked, how often you want to be nagged, and what time of day you wish to receive the text.

The final question by Nagbot is a testament to the thickness of one’s skin: “How mean should I be if you don’t do this?”

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Obviously, selecting “Really mean” is the most tantalizing option, seeing as a No response can warrant a message like, “You’re dead to me.”

Finally, select Nag me to wrap things up on the website end.

Later, you will receive your first message from Nagbot, confirming that you want to be nagged. Follow the instructions by replying with “Go.” This will set you on the path to a better, albeit more annoyed, you.

Once you’re done with Nagbot (or if you’ve simply had enough), you can stop the regularly scheduled texts by replying with “Stop.” Unfortunately, this same tactic doesn’t work on nagging mothers.

Looking beyond the novelty value of the app, Nagbot genuinely wants to see you meet your goals. The app helps you succeed by providing a goal tracking function that gives users information like, the percentage of yes responses given, and how many yes answers in a row you’re on.. You can access this feature by clicking on a link provided in the text message.

Do you think Nagbot can help you keep your goals? Or do you prefer an old-fashioned nagging by someone you love? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

Bonus: Resolve I.T. doesn’t endorse using Nagbot to prank your friends. However, you should probably know that there are likely jokesters out there using the app for this very purpose ;).