Shock: The Average Worker Loses 48 Minutes of Productivity EACH DAY Due to Slow Technology

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Shock: The Average Worker Loses 48 Minutes of Productivity EACH DAY Due to Slow Technology


Did you know that partnering with the right IT provider can actually enhance your company’s productivity? It’s important to go with an IT provider like this, seeing as not every IT company offers this kind of assistance. For example, an IT provider that generally only repairs broken technology won’t be able to meaningfully enhance productivity beyond fixing what’s broken. Whereas an IT provider that proactively manages and maintains your IT infrastructure has the ability to constantly and considerably bolster productivity.

Due to every business model being different, it’s difficult to assign an exact number to just how much the managed IT model can enhance your office’s productivity. Albeit, one helpful way that you can estimate this is by considering just how much productivity you can save by eliminating downtime.

To determine this, you’ll first want to look back at how much downtime you averaged in the past, and then use this figure to estimate how much downtime you’ll experience moving forward. Next, apply these formulas in order to budget around your company’s downtime.

IT Evaluation – determine the cost of downtime

Productivity Loss Formula
P = (Number of users affected) x (% of Productivity Loss) x (Average salary per hour) x (Duration of downtime)

Revenue Loss Formula
R = (Number of users affected) x (% of Revenue Loss) x (Average profit per employee per hour) x (Duration)

Overall Loss Due to Downtime
P + R = $$$

For some businesses, widespread downtime can begin to rack up substantial costs in just minutes

The App-Data Gap
To get an even more accurate picture of how technology problems can negatively affect a budget and productivity, be sure to factor how technology that doesn’t perform as well as it should can hurt your bottom line. For example, older computers or workstations that are gummed up with malware may still be functional, but the problem-prone machine’s slowness will cause users to miss out on a lot of productivity.

For a good picture of this, let’s consider the App-Data Gap from Oxford Economics and Nimble Storage. This gap in productivity can be found during “the delay that occurs when someone interacts with a business application and the application’s response time.” You may be more familiar calling this gap “a computer’s load time.”

In a study, the two companies asked 3,000 users how slow computers affected their workflow. The results shouldn’t be surprising.

  • 76 percent of workers claimed that using subpar technology prevented them from unlocking their true potential and achieving the maximum amount of work possible.
  • The average worker loses 48 minutes of productivity every day due to slow technology. This equates to 10 percent of the average workday.
  • IT Pro Portal estimates that United States companies lose out on $7.5 billion annually due to lost worker productivity from slow technology.

The solution to slow computers is to provide your staff with reliable equipment that operates at maximum efficiency; a task that Resolve I.T. specializes in. As you can see, the numbers behind downtime show that the nominal expense of paying to properly maintain equipment will more than pay for itself by helping your team to be as productive as possible.

To have your IT provider also be your technology’s greatest enhancement to productivity, call us today at (978) 993-8038.