Tip of the Week: 5 Easy Ways to Overcome the Doldrums of the Workday

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Tip of the Week: 5 Easy Ways to Overcome the Doldrums of the Workday


While working all day in an office setting may be good for your wallet, it can take quite a toll on the body. However, remaining productive while taking care of one’s well-being sounds tricky, doesn’t it? Fear not, maintaining your health while simultaneously maintaining your quality of work is easier than it sounds, especially with these five handy tips to guide you.

Get Up
While sitting all day has been clearly documented as unhealthy, the office environment doesn’t exactly encourage frequent motion, as moving about tends to cut into productivity and can be distracting for your fellow workers. Therefore, it is best to stand up at least every half hour and to do your best to move about every hour and a half as much as is possible.

It’s Okay to “Stair”
Just like the first tip, electing to climb the stairs overriding the elevator has metabolic benefits to it. Who doesn’t want to burn a few extra calories? To encourage stair use, try propping the door open with a fire release magnet, along with signs describing the health benefits of stair-climbing over elevators.

Go Outside
Have you been having trouble sleeping? It may be because spending long work hours inside has put your body into a state of light deficiency, and has therefore thrown off your circadian rhythm. The best fix? Take a walk outdoors whenever possible to reset yourself and get some better sleep.

Stay Home, Sicky! 🙂
If the goal is to keep a workspace healthy, it doesn’t make much sense to introduce more germs than are already introduced through a normal office setting, does it? A single worker can easily cause an outbreak within the office that could kill productivity. A much better decision would be to stay home. If you are incredibly concerned about lost work time, a work-from-home policy may be wise to implement.

Avoid Junk Food Like It’s Junk Mail
Too many office break rooms heavily feature snack options that are less-than-healthy. Do your best to avoid the caloric, sugary options that are available in favor of the healthier choices offered, or bring your own healthy snacks from home. If possible, try to encourage an environment where healthier options are displayed more prominently than the junky stuff.

Implementing these tips can help your workspace become a healthier place. Let us know what other initiatives your office has implemented to promote a healthier lifestyle in the comments below!