Hardware Management is Difficult – Here’s How to Do IT Right

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Hardware Management is Difficult – Here’s How to Do IT Right


Your business relies on intensive and expensive technology solutions, which are designed to keep your staff productive and provide them with the tools they need to perform their daily duties. Yet, small organizations often run into trouble when managing their mission-critical hardware systems. How does your business maintain its technology? Chances are that there’s a better way to do it, and it all starts with managed services.

Consider this scenario: Your server is experiencing technical difficulties, but you don’t suspect that it’s a major issue. The problem persists, but eventually, the symptoms escalate, and you’re left with a slow, dogged piece of hardware that’s holding your business back. Just when you get the idea that you need to upgrade to a new server, the old one crashes, and all of your data is lost. Now what?

Depending on how much data was stored on the server, you’ll be in varied degrees of trouble. If your entire infrastructure was stored on it, it’s safe to say that the data is likely gone, and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to restore it. This means that your business will lose client data, contact information, employee records, and other important documents and information. In most cases, businesses that cannot recover their data will go out of business within one year of the data loss incident.

Plus, even if you can get back on your feet, you’ll have to collect all of your data, explain the circumstances to your clients, and hope that they still see you as a reliable business worthy of their patronage. After you carelessly lost their data, what do you think the odds of that are? We’re willing to bet that you’ll see at least some budget problems due to replacing hardware solutions and losing customers. Combined with the frustrations of downtime and productivity loss, it’s enough to dig even the most reputable enterprise’s grave.

The solution is to take care of your hardware and resolve issues before they can become major problems, but the small or medium-sized business may not be able to identify these subtle changes in operation. Managing hardware takes time, which is a rarity amongst business owners and organizations that don’t have internal IT departments. Furthermore, it requires an expertise that not many people, besides trained technicians, can muster.

The solution, therefore, should be to find an outsourced provider for your hardware maintenance and management; one that’s competent and conscious of your business’s specific needs and goals. You want them to be able to remotely monitor and maintain your systems, and to limit on-site visits whenever possible. You want to keep issues from becoming major problems, and you want to do it without breaking your budget.

Ordinarily, you’d be asking the impossible; but we’re not just any old service provider.

You don’t want to go with any typical break-fix IT service provider. All they will do is bleed your business dry and welcome any problems that are associated with your organization’s technology. You need assistance from a provider that’s ready and willing to help you save time and money – one that considers your success, its own success. You want an organization like Resolve I.T. by your side.

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