Simplicity, Flexibility, and More Features: All Good Reasons to Switch to VoIP

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Simplicity, Flexibility, and More Features: All Good Reasons to Switch to VoIP


How often does your business have trouble with its phone systems? While the traditional telephone setup might still be present in most offices, there are plenty of organizations out there that have found value in another, more virtual option. Thanks to VoIP, more businesses than ever are using the Internet to take advantage of more dynamic voice features. Here are three ways that your business can take advantage of virtual telephony solutions to improve operations.

A Less Complex Infrastructure
Remember when you first planned out the floor plan of your business’s office? You might recall how big of a pain it was to run wires all around your office beforehand, including the troublesome task of adding onto this existing infrastructure in the event of growth. These are reasons enough to consider moving away from a physical telephone infrastructure, as these changes could be both expensive for your budget, and difficult to implement, due to time constraints or personnel requirements.

The ideal solution is to eliminate the work needed altogether by going with a virtual telephone system. Since VoIP runs off of your business’s Internet connection, you won’t need to run new telephone wires when you need to add new users or new handsets. Instead, it’s just a matter of adding a user on your softphone client.

VoIP Offers Flexibility
Your desktop telephone is the definition of inflexible. Even if you have a wireless phone in your office, chances are that it has a limited range and that you can’t take it on the road with you when you leave for the day. How would you take advantage of a telephone solution that removes the limitations you normally have with traditional phone systems?

Since VoIP can be ran in the cloud, you can implement it on a variety of devices. For example, you could use your work telephone number through a software application on your desktop or laptop, from a hardware solution like a physical handset, or even on your smartphone while out of the office. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your organization, even when away on a business trip, or when you go home for the day.

VoIP Allows for Other Features
When you go through your local telephone provider, chances are that you’re purchasing their services through some type of plan that includes much more than just the telephone service itself. This could include anything from television bundles to Internet service. The bottom line, though, is that you don’t want to pay for something and never use it again.

VoIP offers all sorts of services on the side that you can implement on an as-needed basis, including video chat, instant messaging, and so much more. You’ll only pay for the services that you want and need, rather than a whole bunch of services that you’ll never use.

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