Landlines Shouldn’t Make You Call Out For Help – Get VoIP!

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Landlines Shouldn’t Make You Call Out For Help – Get VoIP!

b2ap3_thumbnail_this_is_voip_400.jpgAs technology grows more and more complex, the usefulness of your business’s landline is declining. There are just plain better ways of communicating – cell phones are much more portable, and the Internet allows people to communicate with others while taking care of other work. One of the best ways to communicate over the Internet is by using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which provides the best of both worlds for those stuck in the landline age.

Using a broadband connection, Internet users can speak with others in a way much like the traditional telephone. You speak into a microphone and your voice is converted into data and transferred over the Internet. The data is then broken down again and those on the other end of the line will hear your voice! There are also VoIP systems that allow for video chat, as well.

Use the Internet as Your Own Personal Landline
Sure, cell phones might be more portable, but VoIP can be far more portable than the landline. You also don’t have to deal with expensive landline or mobile phone bills. All you need to do is sign into your VoIP service provider, plug in your headset, and voila! You just turned your computer into a portable phone. As long as you have a broadband connection, you can use VoIP from wherever you might be heading to keep in touch with clients or employees.

Change it Up to Suit Your Needs
Some people might not feel comfortable sitting in front of a computer with a microphone, but VoIP has accessories that are perfect for them. There are adapters that can be used to connect your cell phone into your computer, and use it with your VoIP interface like you normally would! These converters are typically USB plug-ins that are simple and easy to take advantage of. Many VoIP systems simply have a app for your phone. These converters can sense signals from your phone and transform them to digital data, which is then transferred over your network.

When you first sign up for VoIP, you will receive a number exclusive to your VoIP account. This will allow you to use this number wherever you are traveling, so long as you have an Internet connection. Talk about useful!

But Wait – There’s More!
As mentioned earlier, VoIP can be used with video capabilities in addition to voice telecommuting. This allows you to set up meetings on the Internet. There are several benefits to doing this – rather than traveling for a business meeting, you’ll be able to attend from the comfort of your own home or office.

It’ll Save You Money
Here’s the benefit every business looks for – anything that saves your company money is a good investment. The costs of using VoIP are far cheaper than using a conventional telephone, and long distance calls are cheaper using VoIP.

If you’re still relying on your old landline for communication, call Resolve I.T.. We can hook you up with some killer VoIP technology that will save you time and money. Call (978) 993-8038 today, and make it the last time you’ll ever have to use that ancient landline of yours!

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