Resolve I.T. – Employee Breaking News Flash

Resolve I.T. is very pleased to announce that we have made a new add to our already illustrious Helpdesk team! It is official, Kevin Renna has been brought onboard and is now fielding technical issues that need our attention. We believe his background as a helpdesk and field technical along with a substantial background in…


Latest HIPAA Settlement at $150k for Compromising 2,700 Medical Records

The latest in a string of costly settlements associated with the violation of the HIPAA law highlights the importance of your health care organization closely following HIPAA’s mandates. Is your practice’s IT infrastructure HIPAA compliant? If not, then even an overlooked detail as seemingly-insignificant as updating software will subject you to penalties. This was the…


Jason Gets an Upgrade

So I was working super hard at Resolve I.T. today upgrading Jason Bowen’s computer to this lovely Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80 Model iii. Which I got for about $20 at the Rowley Flea Market this morning. Okay, so in addition to the fact that this will drive Jason crazy it is hilarious because when this…


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