Is Your Company Using these 3 Essential Tech Solutions?

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Is Your Company Using these 3 Essential Tech Solutions?

b2ap3_thumbnail_solutions_for_business_400.jpgEfficiency. As a business leader, this word has probably become a favorite of yours. An efficiently run business results in lowered costs and increased productivity. Who doesn’t want that? As you know, efficiency requires intentionality. A great place to start is with your technology. Here are three solutions that will intentionally increase your technology’s (and in turn, your business’) efficiency.

Remote IT Support
One sure way to increase efficiency is to drop business costs. Outsourcing your IT is an extremely practical way to do so. If you already have an IT person on staff, we’re not advocating that you fire them. We simply want to lay out the benefits of considering remote IT support vs. the old break/fix model.

According to a survey conducted by InformationWeek, the average IT manager makes a yearly salary of $99,000, with IT staffers making $73,000 yearly. Can you afford to support this kind of salary? As an alternative, many companies use their most tech-savvy employee as their IT guy in an effort to reduce costs. However, they don’t realize that this actually zaps the productivity of the job that this employee was hired for, and since they’re probably not certified, they could be leaving big holes in the security of your network. Many companies also buy into the old break-fix IT model, as technicians are called upon to come and service equipment only when it’s broken.

A more practical alternative to hiring full time IT staffers is to utilize Resolve I.T.’s Remote Management and Maintenance service. With our RMM tools, a certified IT technician can remotely manage and monitor your company’s computers to ensure their security and efficiency. Should a problem arise with your machines, we can detect it immediately, and if it’s a common issue, we can fix it without charging you for travel and hourly maintenance fees. This solution ensures that you receive professional IT support at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay your own internal IT professionals.

Cloud Computing
You’ve probably heard by now about how cloud computing can reduce your company’s costs and provide extreme amounts of efficiency for your employees and business as a whole. Even if your company already has a solid IT infrastructure in place, adding a cloud solution that manages it and adds the other great cloud features may be just the technology solution that you’ve been looking for. There are many benefits to migrating your business to the cloud including communication benefits between employees, reduced IT costs, mobile capabilities, data backup security, and much more. You can read about cloud benefits by searching through our previous blog articles.

Voice over Internet Protocol
The telephone bill is often a point of contention for small businesses as traditional landlines can be quite pricey. A proven alternative is our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. With VoIP, your company could receive an extremely efficient telephonic solution for a fraction of the price. Features such as dedicated phone numbers and voicemail for all extensions, call forwarding, and call following come standard with most VoIP plans. VoIP can also extend to employees’ mobile devices, so your team can have access to their work lines on the go. This can increase productivity and efficiency within your organization, while saving you money on your communication solution.

Whether you’re looking to modernize your office with the cloud, increase the efficiency of your communication solutions, or save money on your IT repair, Resolve I.T. is a one-stop shop for your technology needs. Our solutions are proven efficiency boosters that can be game-changers for your company. For more information about these and other services that we provide, call us today at (978) 993-8038.

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