Improve Content Filtering with Google Chrome’s Safe Browsing Feature

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Improve Content Filtering with Google Chrome’s Safe Browsing Feature

b2ap3_thumbnail_chrome_safe_browsing_400.jpgMalware often takes the form of certain unrecognizable web entities, which can make detecting threats tricky at times. New features in popular web browsers, most notably Google Chrome, are making progress toward identifying these threats before they cause your business harm. Chrome’s “Safe Browsing” feature is a good tool to augment your current network security practices.

Safe Browsing warns web browsers when there’s a potentially malicious entity at work on a web page. It checks the sites for anything which seems off, and can warn you if a file you are about to download is malicious. Google Safe Browsing checks the identity of the website you’re visiting against the search engine’s giant database of known malicious websites. Then, based on the reputation of the site, the browser makes the decision whether to allow you to visit the site or download the file.

From Google’s online security blog:


This isn’t the first time that Safe Browsing has been implemented. Before, it was simply a method to prevent sites from installing malware on a user’s PC, but it only protected against programs which had been officially classified as malware, and the solution couldn’t stop malware which was disguised as a download. Unfortunately, Google’s official definition is somewhat lackluster, and fails to mention important specifics. This is probably due to definitions growing outdated as time goes by, and in the world of technology, being up-to-date is an important trait to have. Malware is always growing more powerful, and it takes advanced measures to keep itself hidden from discovery at all costs.

It’s suspected that other browsers won’t be far behind Google in the search for the ultimate browsing security solution. When it comes to security, your business should always be equipped to handle the worst-case scenario. To this end, equipping your network with a comprehensive security solution is your best bet. Such a solution exists thanks to modern managed services from Resolve I.T.. Our Unified Threat Management (UTM) device covers all bases related to network security, including a firewall, antivirus, web content filtering, and spam blocking; all designed to keep your network safe from potential external and internal threats.

Of course, you can’t discuss network security without bringing up backup and data recovery solutions. You might have a rock-solid defense against threats, but hardware failures or natural disasters will surely pass by your firewall and wipe out hours, if not days, of work. Therefore, you want to make sure you have your information stored off-site and available for immediate recovery. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution can act as a server in the event of downtime, so you can return to optimal operations as quickly as possible following a disaster.

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