What a Global Internet Outage Tells About the Cloud and Your Business

The week of June 14th, 2021 saw many applications and websites suffer from outages. This, consequently, created considerable problems for many organizations that used these services. Businesses suffered from continuity issues, but perhaps the biggest takeaway is just how vulnerable the Internet really is to these kinds of issues. What happened, exactly? A Small Firm’s…


Ransomware Attack on Colonial Pipeline Leads to Gas Crisis in the American Southeast

Ransomware attacks are nothing new, but when was the last time they made headlines by instigating a gas crisis? A Russia-backed hacking collective called DarkSide targeted Colonial Pipeline, a company responsible for almost 45 percent of the fuel for the Southeastern United States, with a devastating ransomware attack. The attack led to a spike in…


How the Personal Information of 200 Million Users Wound Up on an Illegal ID Theft Service

You’re likely familiar with the various ways that hackers can steal your identity, but you may not be familiar with how hackers anonymously buy and sell people’s personal information to interested parties. This is done through online ID theft services and a December hearing before the U.S. Senate highlights how one service was selling personal…


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