7 Surprisingly Hilarious Tech Statistics

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7 Surprisingly Hilarious Tech Statistics

b2ap3_thumbnail_you_have_no_idea_400.jpgIf you think you are not up to date on your tech jargon, don’t feel bad. A recent study conducted by Vouchercloud.net asked 2,392 adults multiple choice questions about the definitions of common technology terms. The findings suggested that many of them were worse off.

The interesting thing about this study is that 61% of the respondents said that, “It’s important to have a good knowledge of technology in this day and age.” We agree 100% that staying up with technology trends is important when it comes to seeing success in today’s workplace. However, based on the results of this study, it looks like there’s still a lot of educating yet to do when it comes to the meanings of even the most basic tech terms!

  • 77% of respondents could not identify what SEO means. SEO stands for “Search-Engine Optimization”
  • 27% identified “gigabyte” as an insect commonly found in South America. A gigabyte is a measurement unit for the storage capacity of an electronic device.
  • 42% said they believed a “motherboard” was “the deck of a cruise ship.” A motherboard is usually a circuit board that holds many of the key components of a computer.
  • 23% thought an “MP3” was a “Star Wars” robot. It is actually an audio file.
  • 18% identified “Blu-ray” as a marine animal. It is a disc format typically used to store high-definition videos.
  • 15% said they believed “software” is comfortable clothing. Software is a general term for computer programs.
  • 12% said “USB” is the acronym for a European country. In fact, USB is a type of connector.

For those of us in the know, these statistics make for a good chuckle, but we think that there’s more to this study then just a good laugh. This study can teach us a thing or two about good customer service. At Resolve I.T., we serve businesses of all sizes that are run by people with various technology backgrounds. As technology professionals, it’s easy for us to assume that everyone we talk to knows what we mean when we discuss concepts like “software” and “gigabyte,” but according to this study, this isn’t always the case.

When it comes to IT service from Resolve I.T., we’re much more invested in our clients than showing up, fixing what’s broken, and then going home. Instead, we see ourselves as your technology partner, which means that we want to help you learn about technology so that your business can benefit from it. This means working closely with you and taking the extra time to explain concepts so that you will understand what you’re getting into. Therefore, if you’re the sort of person that confuses the Android platform with a political alliance in Africa, then don’t feel embarrassed about it, we’ll set ya straight!

To gain an IT partner that will keep you in the know with the latest tech trends, call Resolve I.T. at (978) 993-8038.

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