2023 Saw an Increased Awareness of AI and Its Applications

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2023 Saw an Increased Awareness of AI and Its Applications

2023 was quite the year, especially where AI is concerned. The technology became the center of attention in the business world and in the public. What does this mean for AI, and how has this technology changed the way we do business, for better or worse? Let’s dive in.

AI is Not Going Anywhere

It might have been a strange thing to say that AI would become a major part of any workplace in the past, but nowadays, the opposite is true. This year has shown that there are many benefits to using AI in various ways for business operations. There are certain things that AI can do that free up businesses to perform other tasks. Surveys showcase that companies use AI for various parts of their operations, such as marketing, sales, customer support, and so on. With the appropriate algorithms and training in place, AI can be quite a boon for organizations that might already have limited bandwidth and resources.

Granted, there are of course naysayers who have discouraged the use of AI, and for perfectly sound and logical reasons.

AI Has Changed Certain Types of Jobs, and Not for the Better

Most assumed that AI would be great for replacing some of the more rote, boring jobs, or less involved jobs, and that knowledge-based jobs would still require a human at the helm in order to function. This isn’t necessarily true, though, as the past year exemplified.

Physical automation is nothing new, but with systems that are now capable of creating content, some jobs are at risk of being replaced entirely. Certain sectors, however, remain secure from this threat. For example, those that require a high level of social intelligence are relatively safe for now. Certain trade jobs are also difficult to automate, as the machines are not capable of emulating the skills required to complete them.

Some workers are able to use AI to solve problems faster and more efficiently, and while AI is certainly capable of doing great things, it still requires training. The training, of course, comes from humans and data sets, so it’s not like AI is completely autonomous.

AI is Not Just a Fad

You’ll want to learn how to coexist with AI now, as it’s not going away anytime soon. Your business can use AI tools to great effect, provided you implement them intelligently. Resolve I.T. can help you in this regard. To learn more, reach out to us at 978-993-8038 today.