The Irony of Losing Money From Handling Cash

What role does cash have in your business? Whether you sell widgets using cash registers or just keep some petty cash on hand for miscellaneous expenses, a recent study has shown that using cash actually costs businesses money, and that’s not all. The study was conducted by Sage, an integrated accounting, payroll, and payment software…


Crippling DDoS Attack Strikes Liberia

In October 2016, an Internet of Things botnet launched a huge Distributed Denial of Service attack on one of the world’s major DNS providers. The botnet, dubbed Mirai, has struck again. This time, the target wasn’t necessarily a DNS provider, but rather an entire country’s Internet infrastructure.  You may have never even heard about the…


Anonymous Grabs the Headlines, But it’s the Smaller Hackers You Need to Worry About

It can’t be denied that, even including their name, hackers sound objectively cool. Entertainment and mass media have created a fascinating and dramatized association between the word and the images of a stoic, principled supergenius (or a geeky, awkward supergenius) sitting at the most technological-looking setup imaginable as they break into some major establishment to…


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