Tip of the Week: Findo Makes it Easy to Search All of Your Cloud-Based Apps

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Tip of the Week: Findo Makes it Easy to Search All of Your Cloud-Based Apps


There’s no denying how convenient it is to store your data in the cloud. Although, for those who use multiple cloud-based apps, the convenience afforded by these apps actually becomes an inconvenience when you need to locate a certain file, but you’re unsure where it’s stored. To assist you with this, you can use Findo to search through all of your cloud-based apps.

The alternative is to perform a search within each and every app until you stumble across what you’re looking for. While performing multiple searches in Google Drive, iCould, Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail, etc. isn’t an impossibility, it’s nevertheless annoying and time consuming.

To get started with Findo, you’ll first want to go to Findo’s website, https://findo.com. Also, be sure to utilize Findo’s mobile app, Messenger bot, and extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Findo is free to try, and you’ll be billed a subscription fee if you end up liking the service enough to pay for it.

Next, sign up with Findo using your Google or Facebook account, or email address. You will then select from the provided list the various apps that you want to connect Findo to. Findo will then ask you permission to access your accounts. Click the Allow button to give Findo the permission needed to search your content.

After giving Findo the green light to view your stuff, it will then begin indexing all of the data in your accounts. Depending on the size of your account, this can take anywhere from a minute to over an hour.

Once your apps are indexed, you’ll then be able to search the connected apps using the blue Findo form on the top of your web browser. The search results will be displayed in the center of the page, along with a listing of the source. Click on the search result to bring up a preview of the file to the right. Findo will also provide you with the option to either download the file or open it.

To customize your search, you will see on the left side under Data source a list of all of the apps that Findo will search. You can have Findo narrow its search by deselecting All sources and instead selecting one or more apps, or you can broaden your search by clicking the Add new data source button to connect Findo to an account or an app that isn’t yet connected.

The simplicity of the product is what makes Findo so appealing. Yet, attaching the search assistant to a work-related account may cause issues if it’s not first been cleared by your company’s IT administrator. While Findo claims that security is a top priority, you should first test any service that connects to sensitive data before implementing it.

Could you use some help from a tool like Findo to search through your various apps, or is your memory good enough that you know exactly where every important file is located? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.