You Shouldn’t Have to Jump Through a Vendor’s Hoops

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You Shouldn’t Have to Jump Through a Vendor’s Hoops


Where businesses are concerned, IT vendors are a necessity–after all, workstations and other pieces of equipment have to come from somewhere. However, while vendors can be of great service to your business by providing it with its necessary technology components, sometimes they can be a hassle to deal with. This is especially true when something goes wrong.

Say, for example, one of your most efficient employees is diligently pecking away at her keyboard when her screen suddenly freezes–the mouse still works, but she can’t access any of the company’s documents. Worse, the machine doesn’t respond to her troubleshooting efforts. In short, she’s stuck. However, the vendor that provides your workstations has them under warranty, so your employee can just call into them to get further help, right?

Well, yes and no. While they certainly have the ability to call in for assistance, doing so will almost certainly kill any chance of an employee returning to full productivity before the end of the day. Instead of completing the tasks that you have assigned to them, she will most likely be on the phone for a considerable amount of time, put on and taken off hold, all while repeating that yes, she did in fact turn it off and back on again multiple times, as their representative walks her through the same steps she knew to take independently. As a result, time and money are wasted as your valuable resource is occupied for an entire day tangoing with representatives, instead of completing the tasks you hired her to work on.

You would think there would be a better way to handle issues than that.

Fortunately for many businesses, you would be correct. Instead of sacrificing one of your busy employees to a day of troubleshooting table tennis with a provider, you can always get some help from Resolve I.T. first.

Our trained and experienced technicians have the knowledge necessary to delve a little deeper to discover where the issue is coming from, possibly resolving it and getting you back in business faster. Otherwise, we’ll reach out to the vendor on your behalf, bypassing the hoops you would have to jump through in order to fix what is ailing your business. In the end, this allows your employee to return to their full operation sooner, with less stress put on them and less pointless drain on company assets.

Bonus tip: Arrange (or have us arrange) with your vendor ahead of time to have a spare workstation in your office for employees to use in cases where their usual one is inoperable, for whatever reason. That way, there is no productivity lost while repairs and revisions are in process. This is a simple practice to establish.

Resolve I.T. has quite a bit of experience in dealing with vendors of all kinds, and we are more than ready to put that experience to use for your benefit. Call (978) 993-8038 today to put your vendor relationships in our hands–we promise to take good care of them.