Why Your Business Can Benefit From VoIP

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Why Your Business Can Benefit From VoIP


Remember the good old days of your office’s corded telephone solution that was ringing off the hook every minute of the day? Granted, you can only look back on the good old days when they are behind you. If you need to bring business communications into the 21st century, you should consider implementing a Voice over Internet Protocol solution.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, uses your business’s Internet connection to transmit your voice, rather than the traditional telephone lines that needed to have been painstakingly relayed throughout your business’s site of operations. Businesses have so much to gain by virtualizing their telephone systems in this manner, including lower operational costs, a less complex network infrastructure, and more dynamic communication options in the form of video chat and instant messaging.

Lower Costs
VoIP is can lower the costs associated with telecommunications by cutting out unnecessary expenses. For example, most telecommunications go through your local telephone company on a separate bill than your Internet connection might. By using VoIP, you eliminate this bill in favor of one singular bill from your Internet service provider. Of course, your bandwidth will take a hit, so consult a professional to make sure your network can handle it.

Less Complex Network
You might have handsets on every desk, but the wires that must be installed to connect everything to your infrastructure will likely cause a few headaches for you–especially when it comes time to onboard a new employee or renovate your office. VoIP can be accessed from any connected device, be it through a desktop application on a workstation, or on a mobile app on a smartphone. In this way VoIP can help your business take work on the go.

Additional Features
One of the biggest benefits that VoIP offers small businesses is the dynamic extra features that aren’t necessarily offered by traditional telephony services. You’ll still have all the basics, like call forwarding and conference calling, but you can gain access to important functions like video conferencing and other integrations. It can create more of a connection with those you are calling, which can make all the difference when trying to secure a business deal or onboard a new hire.

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