Use Conference Calls? Here are 3 Reasons to Drop Your Phone Company and Go With VoIP

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Use Conference Calls? Here are 3 Reasons to Drop Your Phone Company and Go With VoIP

b2ap3_thumbnail_new_voip_400.jpgConference calling has evolved with the years, and it’s a crucial service that’s needed by modern businesses. You probably find yourself in more meetings than you’d like to be in, but compared to the days before Voice over Internet Protocol existed, you have it pretty easy nowadays. In fact, VoIP is such a great tool that every business should look into its advantages.

VoIP is capable of transmitting your voice over the Internet, making it fantastic for communicating with both your internal team, and for your external communications. In fact, VoIP can be a great alternative to meeting face-to-face if your office has limited space available for meetings. Here are three benefits that your business can reap from using VoIP as your primary conference calling system.

VoIP Uses the Internet
Do you remember those days when you would have to conduct meetings over the phone if there wasn’t space available for a real-time meeting? Conference calling used to be, literally, a pain in the neck. Now, though, the Internet makes it infinitely easier to communicate, and VoIP capitalizes on this fact. By using the Internet to transmit voice signals, you can use your connection in a similar manner to traditional telephone systems. The biggest difference is that you won’t have to deal with all of the complex landline cabling that makes adding new extensions and lines so irritating (and expensive).

In general, cable companies tend to package together several services that your business might not necessarily want or need, which means that if you want to use their landline telephony services, you’d have to go all-in on something that you won’t need. With VoIP, you don’t need to worry about this. All VoIP needs is your Internet connection, so you won’t have to worry about unreasonably high charges… including long distance. If you find that you do need more services, VoIP solutions are flexible enough that you can easily add them as required.

This also means that limitations for trunks (the number of physical phone lines you have leaving the building) are a thing of the past. As you grow, your phone system won’t limit your team from making outbound calls.

VoIP Provides Mobility
Traditional phone systems are limiting in nature. You’re limited to your desk or office, and even if you have a cordless phone you can only travel so far from the receiver before it stops working. VoIP solutions utilize a web application or desktop software that transfers your voice over the Internet, so as long as you have access to the web, you can take full advantage of anywhere, anytime access. You can even use your smartphone with your VoIP solution, which makes it feel just like any normal telephone service. Depending on the VoIP solution, you can also just use a headset on your desktop or laptop.

If you choose to integrate VoIP, you could even let your team work remotely. By doing so, you’re opening your business up to untold opportunities for cost savings and increased productivity; not to mention the fact that your employees will be much happier and fulfilled with their daily duties.

VoIP Has Add-Ons
One of the best features that VoIP presents is its versatility with add-ons. VoIP often comes with video conferencing software, which allows users to emulate face-to-face meetings via video chat. By taking full advantage of VoIP and its various add-ons, you can essentially replicate an inter-office communication solution, even if your team is scattered across the country (or the world).

VoIP can change the way your business communicates for the better. Resolve I.T. has the skills and expertise required to help your business integrate VoIP, from planning the implementation to the setup itself. For more information, give us a call at (978) 993-8038.