Tip of the Week: Using Word to Create Company Letterhead

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Tip of the Week: Using Word to Create Company Letterhead


There’s a lot to be gained by utilizing a company letterhead on your correspondence and other printed materials, especially in terms of company recognition and professional impression. Utilizing Microsoft Word makes it easy to add this detail to your documents. For this week’s tip, we’ll show you how easy it is to create a letterhead in Word.

  1. Open Microsoft Word by clicking on it in the Start Menu, or the desktop icon.
  2. Create a blank, portrait document.

    word letterhead ib 1

  3. Open Header in the Insert Toolbar.

    word letterhead ib 2.

  4. Place your cursor into the header near [Type here].

    word letterhead ib 3

  5. Insert your company logo.

    word letterhead ib 4

  6. Resize and reposition, as necessary.

    word letterhead ib 6

    word letterhead ib 7

  7. Open the footer by accessing it under the Insert menu.

    word letterhead ib 8

  8. Add your physical location’s address and the rest of your contact information. This section should be stylized to match your company’s branding, while remaining easily legible.

    word letterhead ib 9

  9. Check to see that your letterhead looks good on the page by using Print Preview to view the page as it will be produced. Make any revisions necessary and repeat.

    word letterhead ib 10

To save your new letterhead as a template, simply Save As any of the following formats: .dotx, .dot, or .dotm. You now have a simple company letterhead to use in your communications. For more tips, tricks, and how-tos, make sure you check back here on our blog!