Tip of the Week: How to Use Technology in a Sanitary Fashion

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Tip of the Week: How to Use Technology in a Sanitary Fashion

b2ap3_thumbnail_sanitary_practices_400.jpgThese days, with the Ebola virus on everyone’s mind, sanitation is a major issue. Enacting proper sanitation procedures is a must for any public place, especially in the office. Unbeknownst to most office workers, one of the biggest transmitters of germs is frequently-handled technology. Therefore, it’s imperative that you properly use your technology in a sanitary fashion. Here’s how.

Wash Your Hands Before Handling Tech
Okay, this isn’t revolutionary advice that you haven’t heard before. Think of this more as a friendly reminder to do something that you know you should already be doing; washing your hands. Regularly washing your hands is one of the best ways to curb the spread of germs, especially before and after handling a piece of technology that gets passed around the office, like the phone.

Clean Your Technology
Considering how germ-infested technology can be, it’s equally important to routinely clean your tech. Scientifically speaking, it’s been shown that the average PC keyboard is dirtier than the average toilet, and phones are even worse. On a serious note, it was reported in 2012 that a Ugandan thief contracted Ebola from a stolen phone.

In addition to dirty technology spreading germs, buildup of dirt and crud can lead to performance issues. For example, grime and skin oil can slowly seep inside the inner workings of a touchscreen device and gum it up. The most dramatic example of this can be seen when workstation fans accumulate a visible amount fine dust particles. When left unattended, this dust piles up and restricts airflow, causing the machine to run at a higher temperature.

It’s important to note that computer dust isn’t your average garden-variety dust. Thanks to static electricity holding the dust particles together, computer dust attracts some extra gross organisms like: dust mites, parasites, hair, lint, spider webs, dead skin, and even traces of fecal matter. A paper towel and a can of compressed air will go a long way in keeping your technology free from filth.

Avoid Eating at Your Desk
We’ve already gone over how shockingly-dirty your keyboard is; well, it gets worse if you eat food at your desk. Food crumbs fall in between the keys, and since food is organic, the crumbs break down with the aid of microscopic bugs. These bugs break down crumbs by eating it and laying their eggs in it. Then the larva hatches and feeds on the crumbs too. Circle of life baby!

To clean your keyboard, flip it over and shake out all the crud and then clean up the mess and the keyboard with a disinfectant wipe. You may be surprised at how many crumbs and crud shake out, and you may be grossed out when you realize that each chunk of food is filled with tiny parasites and their larva.

For more tips on how to properly maintain and sanitize your company’s technology, call Resolve I.T. at (978) 993-8038. And remember, it’s equally important to keep your technology’s insides clean too (your computer’s software). Resolve I.T. can perform remote IT maintenance that can keep the digital bugs at bay.

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