Tip of the Week: Getting The Most Out Of Your Smartphone’s Battery

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Tip of the Week: Getting The Most Out Of Your Smartphone’s Battery


Have you found that your smartphone battery doesn’t last as long as it should? If you’re a business owner who uses your mobile device very frequently, you might notice a rather significant change in the quality of your device’s charge over time. How can you make sure that this decrease in power doesn’t create problems for your productivity?

We’ll discuss some of the ways that you can get more juice out of your mobile device.

There are many factors that could contribute to your device’s draining battery. Even something as simple as the environment that it’s stored in could make a significant impact on your device’s battery. Other factors, such as the number of apps being used and the current operating system, can have a big impact as well. You should start by ensuring that your device has the latest version of its mobile operating system. From there, close out your apps and give the device a restart.

Regarding temperature, you might notice that your device drains faster when it’s used in an environment that is exceptionally hot. For example, if you’re charging your device in an area that doesn’t have the luxury of air-conditioning, you might get warnings about the device’s internal temperature. Don’t ignore these–instead, try to store your device in a cooler location. Furthermore, the case might be keeping a lot of heat in. Consider taking it off to let the device properly cool down. While it does take pretty high temperatures to trigger this, being out in the sun on a hot day or next to a heat source could cause an issue.

If heat isn’t a big problem for your device, it might just be the battery telling you that it has been used for more charging cycles than it was originally intended to. Lithium ion batteries often experience this issue. Generally speaking, a charge cycle usually consists of one full charge, followed by a complete discharge. You could try replacing the battery, but many devices these days have built-in batteries that aren’t necessarily removable.

You can also check to see if any apps are consuming a lot of battery life in the background. To do so, go to your Battery settings. Some apps might refresh frequently and consume more data than others. You can change settings in most apps to better use what remains of your battery life. Furthermore, display settings like live wallpapers and screen brightness can be dimmed or turned off to create more battery life so that you don’t miss out on any productivity.

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