Tip of the Week: Feel Uncomfortable About Having Your Family History Online? Here’s How to Opt Out

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Tip of the Week: Feel Uncomfortable About Having Your Family History Online? Here’s How to Opt Out


However far back you’re able to recall your family tree, it’s likely that the Internet can go even further; all by typing your name into a genealogy website like FamilyTreeNow.com. While such a tool is helpful for those curious of their origins, it can also creep out those who have a problem with too much of their personal information being publicly available online. Therefore, for this week’s tip, we’re going to show you how to opt out of FamlyTreeNow.com.

First off, before you opt out, you may want to satisfy your curiosity and find out just how much the website knows about you and your family. Do this by going to familytreenow.com and entering your name and state into the search feature.

Did you do it? See what we mean? It’s both mega-fascinating and mega-creepy at the same time. To up the ante on the creepy factor, consider the fact that you can type anyone’s name into this search form and anyone can enter your name.

Okay, now to the opt out page: familytreenow.com/optout.

From here, scroll to the bottom of the page, check the box proving you’re not a robot, and then click the green “Begin Opt Out Procedure” button.

You’ll next be taken to a page where you’ll search FamilyTreeNow’s records for your information. Fill out the required forms and then select Search.

Next, locate your record from the provided results and select it.

Finally, click the big red “Opt Out” button at the top of the page and you should be all set. If you happen to see multiple records of yourself, then you’ll want to opt out of each record.

Now, considering that FamilyTreeNow keeps up their end of the deal, you can now rest easy knowing that your family’s honor is safe from the prying eyes of the World Wide Web.

We should note that this genealogy website isn’t the only place online where information about you can be easily accessed. In fact, your digital footprint is likely leaving a digital shadow that’s bigger than you realize. Unfortunately, eradicating your online records means visiting each and every search site and opting out; a daunting task indeed, though not impossible.

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