Tip of the Week: Celebrate National Clean Out Your Computer Day Like an IT Pro

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Tip of the Week: Celebrate National Clean Out Your Computer Day Like an IT Pro


Sometimes a good opportunity to improve the way your business works is something as simple as cleaning up your computer annually. Today is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, so why not take a little time out of your day to review the current state of your workstation? We’ll give you a couple of pointers to get you started.

Use Defragmentation Software
Your computer stores bits and pieces of files all over the hard drive, but this isn’t something that you can avoid. It happens naturally as you save, delete, and move files from location to location. As you can imagine, this makes your computer work harder to piece them together. This is an issue that can only be resolved by defragging your hard drive. If your computer is experiencing major performance issues, then defragging may yield notable improvements. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that defragging only applies to hard disc drives, not solid state drives. And if you’re using a newer version of Windows, the drive will automatically defrag when it’s not in use. If you would like assistance with this, Resolve I.T. would be happy to help.

Remember Those Unused Applications
Not all software solutions last forever. Sometimes you’ll find something better that gets the job done more easily, while other times you might buy a software license for a specific project and forget about it afterwards. Regardless, the fact remains that unused software takes up valuable space on your network, and you might even be paying for software that you don’t use anymore. Perform a regular network audit to determine what’s still useful, and what’s collecting dust on your network.

Update Your Software
Do you regularly update your organization’s enterprise software solutions? For some it’s as easy as downloading the latest security patches and updates, but for others that are no longer supported, it’s a more grueling process. Patches and updates are implemented to improve security and functionality, so you’re only holding your business back by not updating as soon as possible. Just be sure to keep an eye out for compatibility issues with legacy apps. As previously mentioned, a comprehensive network audit can help you avoid this risk.

Clean Your Workstation of Dust
If you want your technology to run at its greatest potential, you need to keep it tidy. This includes making sure that the vents and fans are clear of any dust buildup. You can clear this up with a can of compressed air. The same can be said of your keyboard, but you want to take a slightly different approach. Turn it upside down and shake it a little bit to dislodge any skin particles and food crumbs that have fallen in between the keys. You can remove any persistent particles by hitting it with the air can.

That Includes the Insides
Of course, you can’t expect the insides of your machine to remain dust-free. Your PC’s fans cause dust to build up inside the case, which can hinder performance. In some instances, dust buildup can cause fans to seize up and insulate sensitive components, which can cause a PC to overheat and crash. Before attempting to clean up the insides of your machine, shut it down and unplug it from the wall. Once you’ve done so, use a can of compressed air to blow away any dust in the workstation. If you choose to handle any components, be sure not to touch them with your bare fingers, as the oils on your skin might damage them. It’s recommended that you only have trained professionals like those at Resolve I.T. deal with the internal components of your technology assets.

So, what do you think? Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, proactive maintenance isn’t easy for SMBs, but it doesn’t have to be hard, either. Resolve I.T. offers solutions designed to make taking care of your technology easy. To learn more, reach out to us at (978) 993-8038.