Tip of the Week: 6 Truths to Guide Your PC Troubleshooting Efforts

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Tip of the Week: 6 Truths to Guide Your PC Troubleshooting Efforts


We’ve all ran into problems that weren’t easily solvable, even by technically-proficient people. In fact, it’s often the case that simple problems can be escalated far beyond where they deserve to be. Sometimes all it takes is a little outside perspective, and some out-of-the-box thinking, to fix an issue.

The next time you run into a seemingly unsolvable problem, try out these six troubleshooting tips and see how you fare.

  • Keep it simple: In some cases, the most difficult problems can be solved by doing something simple. You could try resetting the hardware or application, checking to see if the machine is plugged in, and if all else fails, try shutting the machine down completely, and rebooting it. There’s no point in going through a ton of work, if the problem can easily be resolved by a reboot.
  • Trust only your own word: Have you ever tried to fix something, but you couldn’t get anything done because someone else has already tried everything under the sun to resolve the issue? In situations like this, don’t listen to them; go with your gut, as they could be troubleshooting the issue the wrong way.
  • It’s probably the user’s fault: According to ZDNet, about 80 percent of problems are due to user errors. There’s an old adage: “problem exists between keyboard and chair.” Basically, the idea is that the end-user is to blame, so it’s important to admit that you may be at fault on occasion.
  • Try to replicate the issue: The easiest way to get to the bottom of a problem with your technology is to replicate the issue. Often times, knowing how a situation was created can offer valuable insight into how to resolve it. You can ask your end-users to show you what they did, and what the problem is.
  • Know when to fix or replace: Your IT budget should always be at the top of your mind, as unexpected and unnecessary hardware replacements could convolute your business for months. You should understand how much it will take to fix something, but only fix it if replacing the technology isn’t a better option. Remember, hardware refreshes are great ways to improve the quality of operations.
  • When all else fails, throw in the towel: If you can’t fix a problem, it’s important that you know when you should stop giving it a shot yourself. You can’t waste valuable time and resources digging deep into why your technology isn’t working, especially when you have a business to run. Instead, it’s more efficient to outsource the maintenance and management of your technology to a third-party managed service provider; one who specializes in caring for the technical requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.

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