Three Hot-Button Issues for SMB Network Security

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Three Hot-Button Issues for SMB Network Security

When it comes to network security, there are many common suggestions from IT professionals, like utilizing robust firewalls and antivirus measures. However, it’s easy to overlook some of these practices, especially if you are not necessarily a trained IT technician. We’re here to provide a short guide to three of the most common security pitfalls organizations like yours will likely face during normal everyday operations.

Protect All Your Endpoints

While you know that it’s important to protect your systems from potential security threats, you need to consider the true breadth of this statement. Your systems include far more than the endpoints your employees use to go about their daily tasks; endpoints include any and all devices that interface with each other, the Internet, or other parts of your in-house network. You’ll need to protect laptops, routers, networking equipment, servers, mobile devices, and even Internet of Things devices that you might not necessarily think to protect yourself from.

Implement Encryption Wherever Possible

Encryption is a vital part of securing any technological asset your company uses. Essentially, encryption scrambles data so that it cannot be deciphered by unauthorized parties, meaning that anyone creeping around on your network cannot view data without the decryption key to reassemble it all. Encryption is incredibly important for remote workers, as well, since they are likely working off the protection of your business’ internal security infrastructure. For employees like this, you can use a virtual private network to encrypt data while it’s moving to and from your network. It basically creates a secure tunnel between devices, allowing only authorized users to access data.

Regularly Conduct Security Audits for Potential Vulnerabilities

Suppose businesses don’t actively conduct security audits regularly. In that case, there is a very real chance that vulnerabilities could go unnoticed and undetected long enough to become an even bigger problem. Businesses should have an established schedule for conducting security audits while also performing penetration testing.

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Does your business have internal IT staff available to handle the various tasks required for maximum network security? Security shouldn’t be a luxury—after all, it’s a necessity if you want to do business in today’s threat-riddled online landscape. Resolve I.T. can perform a network audit to identify more opportunities to secure your business’ infrastructure from threats of all kinds. Learn more by calling us at 978-993-8038 today.