The Top 5 Mobile Downloads for Android Productivity

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The Top 5 Mobile Downloads for Android Productivity


Users of Google Chrome and other Google applications have long since appreciated the functionality “add-ons” that supplement the utilities of the desktop versions, as these third-party apps often serve some purpose with obvious utility in a business setting. However, until very recently, add-ons were exclusively available to users who were accessing Google from a desktop or laptop, leaving the mobile versions of applications with comparatively limited capabilities.

This imbalance in functionality has leveled out somewhat for mobile users with Android devices. Google has announced that versions of Docs and Sheets on devices running the web giant’s proprietary mobile OS now have access to a sample of add-ons, with more in development. Users of Docs and Sheets may now continue their productivity while away from the office, rather than their progress towards their business goals hinging on their presence in the office. The current add-on offerings include:

DocuSign: As the name would suggest, the DocuSign add-on allows mobile users to digitally sign documents in the aforementioned Google apps. DocuSign then saves the action directly to Google Drive, allowing progress to continue towards a goal.

ProsperWorks: This add-on allows a user to maintain their customer relationship management data by creating and editing advanced reports on Sheets, complete with charts, graphs, and other visual aids.

Scanbot: Naturally, this add-on allows you to scan your documents using your device’s camera and transpose them into an editable file in Google Docs, through optical character recognition.

WIth more add-ons developing a mobile version, this list will only expand. Of course, just because there aren’t mobile versions of all of these add-ons, doesn’t mean that there aren’t others for Google’s suite of apps that could prove beneficial to a business’s productivity levels. Take these two apps for example:

With the advancement in office tech solutions coming as far as it has, it isn’t inconceivable that many offices have abandoned the fax machine in favor of a more cost-efficient solution. Then again, there’s always the odd one in every bunch, in this case the office who will only accept documents by fax. HelloFax, a web-based file-to-fax converter that also offers a Docs add-on, will take whatever format of file to be sent and send it as a fax to the number entered by the user.

Consider UberConference a Google Docs-specific VoIP solution. This add-on creates a sidebar in Docs to allow a user to dial into a conference call, allowing collaborators on a Doc to communicate through more than just notes and edits, without being in the same location.

With so many productivity-enhancing add-ons out there, which ones do you think would benefit your business the most if they were to go mobile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.