The Latest and Greatest in IT Automation Solutions

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The Latest and Greatest in IT Automation Solutions

b2ap3_thumbnail_computer_cat_400.jpgIf you use the Internet, you’re aware of how heavy a presence cats possess. You can hardly navigate the web without seeing a hilarious cat meme, or four. Rather than admit that the human race is obsessed with these furry companions, what if the hairballs are using the Internet themselves and instigating a complete technology takeover? This just might be the case, according to new research.

While the domestic cat is known to chase after anything that even remotely resembles a bird or mouse, it would be foolish to label this spastic behavior as unintelligent. In fact, cats used to be worshipped as gods and deities in ancient times, and for good reason. New research has proven that our feline friends have superior intelligence that dwarfs even that of the brightest intellectuals in history.

Now, the innovative technicians at Resolve I.T. are putting together what we call a new automated IT solution called the Office Cat Technician (OCT). We’ve reason to believe that the domestic housecat can perform exceptional IT maintenance and tech support.

Cats Have Impeccable Memories
IT technicians have countless methods that need to be committed to memory. Troubleshooting tech problems requires an immense knowledge that comes with years of experience, and not everyone can provide this kind of expertise.

Unlike other critters out there, cats have the ability to recall almost their entire life in the blink of an eye. It’s been proven that cats can recall events up to ten years prior, and judging that the past several years have been full of technical innovations and advancements, it’s reasonable to assume that cats have knowledge of all technology built during this time. After all, cats have grown alongside this technology and coexisted with it. This innate ability to command and operate technology is exclusive to the current generation of domestic cats, and their knowledge will only improve with age.

Curious Like a Cat
One of the greatest behavioral traits that an IT technician can have is to be curious. This means that they dig deep to find the root of a problem, and to understand how something works down to its base level.

Similarly, cats are well-known for their curiosity. If you’ve ever observed a member of Felis catus, you’re aware of the lengths they’ll go to to observe something new. If you get a house plant, you can be sure that the cat will knock it over in order to get down to the “root of the problem.” When a cat knocks over a glass of water, they’re merely contemplating the concept of gravity, rather than being a complete jerk. You can expect a cat IT technician to be just as curious about technology. They’ll snoop around and dig deep to find the source of your tech problems.

Cats Are Fiercely Territorial
The IT technician works tirelessly to make sure that no unauthorized entities enter their domain. This includes keeping the business’s network as secure as possible from outside threats, and restricting access to particular parts of the network. This is a trait seen in cats, as well. They don’t take kindly to foreign creatures entering their territory, and they’ll try to eliminate the threat through intimidation methods, or if need be, force.

Still aren’t convinced that a cuddly kitty can make a big difference for your office? Give Resolve I.T. a call at (978) 993-8038 to find out more about how an Office Cat Technician can assist your business’s operations.

Disclaimer: Resolve I.T. isn’t liable for any damages caused by the Office Cat Technician solution, including: chewed or frayed cords, destroyed technology, medical bills caused by allergic reactions, smelly carpets, and more.

Happy April Fool’s Day from all of us at Resolve I.T.!