The Files are IN the Computer [VIDEO]

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The Files are IN the Computer [VIDEO]

b2ap3_thumbnail_files_are_in_the_computer_400.jpgWhen it comes to IT support, communication is key. The parties giving and receiving support must absolutely be on the same page. If not, then a PC disaster is imminent. Sometimes, IT support miscommunications can be so bad that they’re funny, as seen in the 2001 movie “Zoolander.” Thankfully, nobody is really this detached when it comes to computers, right?

In the movie, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson play two clueless male models that know everything about fashion and nothing about computers. To be fair, this is often the case for most people that aren’t computer experts. They spend so much time becoming experts in their field that they don’t devote a lot time to learning IT systems and following the latest technology trends. This why we at Resolve I.T. know so much about computers, because technology is our thing. It’s likely that there are many non-technology things that you are an expert in and could provide us with technical support about.

Okay, back to our film. The story revolves around two rival models that must join forces to expose an assassination plot by the evil Mugatu (played by Will Ferrell). In order to obtain the evidence needed to bring the bad guys to justice, one of the models must (gasp) use a computer. Even the most basic computing concepts seem to elude Owen Wilson’s character (a man called Hansel). Remember, “The files are IN the computer.”

At Resolve I.T., we’ve had some doozies for IT support calls, but nothing quite along the lines of explaining to someone like Hansel that computer files aren’t stored in physical manilla envelopes. That’s a whole new level of stupid right there.

In this scene, Matilda represents IT support. You can hear the frustration in her voice from having to deal with such a clueless user. This illustrates the shortcomings of IT support over the telephone. The only thing that the two parties have to go by is each other’s voice as the issues are described over the phone. In instances like this, it’s easy for a miscommunication to occur.

The negative ramifications of this communication error were seen a few scenes later during the movie’s climax when our heroes confronted Mugatu with the evidence they’ve uncovered in the PC. Remember, the files are IN the computer.

Scenarios like this are exactly why Resolve I.T. offers remote IT support. With remote support, the IT support technician remotes into and controls the computer having issues. This eliminates the need for both parties to verbally describe the nature of the problem to each other, which can cause a miscommunication–like, the files being IN the computer.

To take advantage of remote IT support from Resolve I.T., call us today at (978) 993-8038. You can consider us your “Center for Businesses that Can’t Computer Good and that Wanna Learn to Do Other Technology Stuff Good Too.