Technology Has the Power to Bring the Office Together Like Never Before

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Technology Has the Power to Bring the Office Together Like Never Before

b2ap3_thumbnail_workplace_collaboration_400.jpgThe technological landscape of the office has changed significantly over the years. Only a decade ago collaboration could only be accomplished through sitting down in a conference room and discussing issues face to face. Today, however, technology is changing the way that we as a society view collaboration, and thanks to various achievements in software development, it’s easier than ever to work together on team initiatives.

Don’t Be Afraid of New Solutions
We all now the convenience of being able to communicate with the click of a button. Email and conference calling have been great additions to the office collaboration environment, but in recent years there have been more comprehensive and streamlined solutions that are constantly improving the way we work together. For example, video conferencing allows workers to communicate in ways which were previously unheard of, and instant messaging sure beats sending an email for an urgent request.

The important thing to consider when improving the way your office communicates and collaborates is that you should embrace new solutions, but not without completely forgetting the basics. Email is still a vital communication medium that your organization needs, and so is the office telephone line. While certain features of these solutions are better performed by more recent technologies, they are still vital assets.

It Doesn’t Take a Genius
Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to operate collaboration technology in an easy, efficient manner. Most modern solutions like instant messaging, Voice over Internet Protocol, and more, are all similar to everyday products that are used by the average PC enthusiast. This means that your employees will be relatively familiar with working with your office’s technology solutions, because they use similar services outside the office. For example, your employees might use Facebook messaging or Skype video calls for their personal matters, and they’re used to the simplified interfaces that have come about from innovations in recent times.

Establish Proper Boundaries and Protocol
Granted, some solutions still require a little bit of training, like making sure your employees are using your enterprise-level solutions in ways which are beneficial to their workplace collaboration, and not distracting others or compromising your business’s data security. A big part of this is training your employees on what these solutions should (and shouldn’t) be used for; for example, there’s no reason to use the video conferencing solution when you have a perfectly fine conference room to use at your leisure. Furthermore, your collaboration solutions should only be used for in-house purposes. Your employees shouldn’t be using their work email for personal use. Not only is it unprofessional, but it complicates things significantly if they decide to leave the company.

Overall, your technology collaboration solutions should be designed to allow for maximum productivity and efficiency. For more information about how we can help your business better communicate and collaborate in the workplace, contact Resolve I.T. at (978) 993-8038.