Smartphone Demographics – Shaken, not Stirred, with a Lemon Twist

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Smartphone Demographics – Shaken, not Stirred, with a Lemon Twist

b2ap3_thumbnail_what_kind_of_smartphone_user_are_you_400.jpgThe battle between iOS and Android operating system enthusiasts has been a long and bloody affair with plenty of third-party casualties (sorry Blackberry), but did you know that you might be able to tell a lot about someone just by looking at their smartphone?

There has been a study which proves that there are several differences between users of iOS and Android operating systems. It should be mentioned, though, that you should take these statements with a grain of salt. The fact that you use an Android phone doesn’t necessarily mean you fall into the following description. Read on and see for yourself just what kind of mobile device user you are:

Android Users: More Likely To…

  • Eat at McDonald’s.
  • Use public transportation.
  • Be religious.
  • Prefer beer over wine.
  • Use tobacco products.
  • Work a blue-collar job.

iOS Users: More Likely To…

  • Have flown in an airplane within the past year.
  • Have investments in the stock market.
  • Prefer wine over beer.
  • Work a white-collar job.

Before you start filling these stereotypes in with people you know, consider whether or not you fit these generalities. Or maybe you’re an Android user who has carefully planned out all of your expenses for the next five years. Either way, there are other smartphones that haven’t been taken into account for this list, like the Windows Phone.

What does stereotyping smartphone users have to do with business, though? These statistics show us a piece of the big picture, and we can learn a bit about marketing to the general populace from them. For example, the owner of a brewery might find it in their best interest to market their brand through the Android platform, while a financial planner might find the iOS app store a better market for their needs.

Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, there is a huge market toward the mobile platform in modern-day business management. According to the latest smartphone user statistics, you no longer have an option about whether or not you should market to the mobile industry. The only smart move you can make is to invest in some quality mobile marketing.

  • 60% of all American adults own smartphones.
  • Mobile Internet browsing is at an all-time high, and is expected to overtake desktop browsing this year.
  • 72% of small business owners plan to maintain or increase their mobile ad expenditure this year by up to 30%.

As evidenced by the industry itself, mobile marketing is a very effective way to spread the word about your company and your services.

Do you fit these smartphones stereotypes, or is this study way off? Sound off in the comments!