Signs Your Technology Might Be Older Than You

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Signs Your Technology Might Be Older Than You

b2ap3_thumbnail_old_tech_signs_400.jpgWhen we think of technology in terms of age, we often look at how long the machine has lasted for. Some machines from the mid-90’s are still running, which makes them almost twenty years old. In terms of human life, that’s not a very long time, but if you look at it in terms of quality working conditions, you’ll find that these computers are kind of like dogs and cats. They may only be several years old, but in terms of actual age, their lifespan makes them much older than you realize.

If your technology is as ancient as your 14 year old cat, you might want to consider upgrading to a more up-to-date system. Sure, that old contraption can access the Internet, but no business owner wants to conduct business in a counter-productive fashion by using Stone Age technology. Here are a few signs you might need an upgrade:

Good for Business
Computers are important for any company looking to make a serious impression on any clients. Nobody will take you seriously if you’re still running Windows ME. Older technology is also less reliable than newer technology, and in business, reliability is key. If you’re looking to jumpstart your company’s technological reliability, Resolve I.T. can help you pick out your new machine and assist you with the transition, as well as provide you with any tech support you might need.

Slow and Steady Doesn’t Win the Race
Years of use can lead to a collection of viruses, malware, or just too many problems. Additionally, if your computer is too old, even an antivirus could slow your computer down dramatically. All of these problems can slow your computer down, and therefore, decrease your overall productivity in the workplace. If your computer can’t handle the latest software, it might be time to replace it with something that can. More recent technology doesn’t have a problem with antivirus software, and it will exponentially increase your performance in the workplace.

Your Hard Drive Is Filled to the Brim
Have too much stuff on your computer from years of use? If you have to constantly shift data back and forth from your hard drive to your disk (especially if it’s a floppy disk), you should consider upgrading to something with a bit more capacity. More space makes for more room for organization.

Newer technology also has access to secure cloud storage. You’ll have virtually limitless storage space, and Resolve I.T. can help you set it up.

If it’s Collecting Dust, Get Rid of It
Let’s face it; we always love getting new things. When you buy a new car, even the smell is wonderful. Getting a new computer can make you feel infinitely better about your business, and if you have the budget, you have no reason not to bump it up a notch.

If your old technology is impacting the way that you do business, it’s time for you to put the past in the past and take a step into the future. Don’t cling to musty old technology – call Resolve I.T. today at (978) 993-8038 and we’ll see to it that you find a new system to suit your business’s needs.

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