Powerful Project Tools in the Cloud

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Powerful Project Tools in the Cloud

Business workforces are shifting and it’s undeniable that a business’ IT has to shift with it. This can leave users maneuvering through their day using all types of different tools. This can tax an IT administrator. One solution that can be used for several purposes and can help almost any project-fueled business is Microsoft SharePoint. Today, we talk about the positive effect SharePoint can have. 

Communication is Critical to a Business’ Success

One truth to running a successful business is that the communication tools that are in place need to be ones that people can actually use. Today, as in-person communication is limited, having the communication tools in place that allow people to collaborate more effectively is more important than ever, especially when it comes to deadline-driven projects. 

Solutions in the Cloud

Today, communication solutions that fuel productivity can be found in the cloud. There is a long list of benefits, with the largest being the ability for team members to have any time, anywhere access to computing, software, and file storage.

Hosted IT solutions from COMPANYNAME give companies the ability to run some of the following communications tools:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email
  • Email Filtering/Spam Protection
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Hosted Security and Backup

These offerings are designed to give small businesses access to the tools they need at an operational price they can afford. 

Crank Up Collaboration with Microsoft Services

SharePoint, which is a project management software created by Microsoft, can empower your staff to increase collaboration and productivity. The SharePoint platform creates an environment where sharing, managing, and finding documents is more manageable for more users. Adding SharePoint to your solution stack can provide many benefits, including:

  • A central shared platform for storing documents and files that improves efficiency and organization.
  • Clear and concise indexing to allow users to find things faster.
  • An integrated continuity protection system to ensure there is communication between users, so works are not overwritten.
  • A complete revision history that provides roll-back capabilities.

These benefits can be huge if your team is working remotely. It simply makes your projects much more organized. Since each business is different, SharePoint’s customizable platform can ensure that it fits the needs of your project team and ensures that everyone has access to all the files, communication tools, and management resources to fuel successful project outcomes. 

If you would like to learn more about SharePoint or any other Microsoft tool, give COMPANYNAME a call today at PHONENUMBER.