How to Find Out if You’ve Got Stolen Data on the Dark Web

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How to Find Out if You’ve Got Stolen Data on the Dark Web


Data breaches: these criminal intrusions are conducted against businesses of all sizes. Critical and sensitive data is copied from the system it belongs on to another, unauthorized one–all for someone’s illegitimately-gained benefit. For many businesses, the threat of being struck by a data breach and having their data put up for sale and/or distribution on the Dark Web is very real, especially for those possessing data of a more sensitive nature.

Ordinarily, even discovering that there has been a data theft can potentially take days, weeks, or even months, allowing massive damage to be done as a result of the breach. However, one company has devised a piece of software capable of locating stolen data on the Dark Web within minutes–without needing to know any of the data’s specifics. Using a process that reads the data elements’ “fingerprint,” the original data is left unread while reproductions are found by using a web crawler and the data’s legitimate owner is notified.

Called “Matchlight,” this tool can keep track of personal information, documents and source code, keyword lists, and any patterns pertaining to sensitive data. This technology, while not able to fully illuminate the Dark Web, might at least serve as a lighthouse for companies to seek out and identify when their intellectual property has been made off with.

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