How to Find Greater Success By Reading More Books

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How to Find Greater Success By Reading More Books

b2ap3_thumbnail_read_with_spead_400.jpgAs a business leader, you know that you should read more about the latest industry trends and helpful management concepts. How’s that going for you? For many business owners, finding time just to run their business is difficult enough, making book reading a luxury. We’ve found that you can do both by learning how to speed read.

If you’ve not made books a priority, then check out this list of twelve benefits of reading from

  • You will optimize your brain power.
  • You will increase your odds of success.
  • You will immerse yourself in a new world.
  • You will improve your vocabulary.
  • You will have things to talk about at parties.
  • You will entertain yourself for a low price.
  • You will discover surprising new ideas that are interesting and engaging.
  • You will eliminate boredom during down-time.
  • You will strengthen your patience muscles.
  • You will become an expert in your field.
  • You will reduce stress and unwind into a good night’s sleep.
  • You will change your life.

When it comes down to it, reading is a crucial component to your success. A list like this can be a good source of motivation to pick up a book (feel free to print it off and use it as a bookmark), but improving your motivation to read won’t change the demands on your schedule. By learning how to speed read, you can find time to read everything on your book list, and thanks to helpful web browser extensions like Spreed, learning how to speed read has never been easier.

Spreed isn’t the only speed reading tool on the market, but it’s one of the most popular and has received great reviews. Spreed is a web extension that is only compatible with Chrome. To install Spreed, go to Chrome > Tools > Extensions > Get More Extensions, and then search “Spreed.” You can also install it directly by going here.

Spreed allows you to read the content of your web browser in a separate window like you would a book. To help you learn how to speed read, Spreed displays text like a video at a selected Words Per Minute, with 1600 WPM being the maximum auctioneer-like setting. When selecting a playback speed for yourself, be sure to challenge your brain and select a WPM that pushes your comfort level. FYI, the average WPM for readers is 200.

By using a tool like Spreed to challenge the amount of words that you can consume, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a proficient speed reader. Subsequently, even though tools like Spreed only work for digital content, if you train yourself to speed read in the digital arena, then you will see improved results when consuming words via paper formats.

Tools like Spreed are ideal for those of us who find it difficult to find time to read, but we all know someone that’s well-adjusted and seems to have time read all the latest books. Are you an avid reader? How do you do it? What’s your secret to balancing work and reading? What books are you currently reading? Share with us your tips in the comments.