4 Questions that Will Help You Manage Your Data Better

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4 Questions that Will Help You Manage Your Data Better

Data security has to be a major consideration for the small and medium-sized business, as not having a plan can lead to some pretty ugly situations. To help you prioritize the right things, we’ve made a list of four questions that you’ll need to answer to ensure your business is doing the right things when it comes to securing your data.

#1: Are my processes built around security?

The cost of a data breach could be catastrophic for your business. That’s why it is crucial to build your business’ processes with a secure approach in mind. Today’s most security-minded companies employ a proactive approach. That means constant monitoring and comprehensive training. Is your company following this method?

You will want to bake security and privacy best practices right into your business’ company culture. From how to spot a phishing email to proper password hygiene, having a culture built around security, significantly reduces risk for the company and employees, alike. 

#2: Who Can Access Business Files?

In order to maintain data security, you need to control who has access to certain files. Not everyone needs access to all files. In fact, most of your staff doesn’t need access to much of the data stored on your servers. By enabling role-based access and coupling it with multi-layered authentication procedures, your business’ data will be much more secure. By auditing these systems regularly you will ensure their sustained reliability. 

#3: Is My Data Encrypted?

Encryption ensures that your data is unable to be deciphered should it be stolen or intercepted. There are several types of encryption, but the two that are most prevalent are the Data Encryption Standard (DES) or the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Encrypted data requires a decryption key to revert, so that without the key, the data is indecipherable. 

Understanding encryption may be complex, but understanding what it can do to secure your data isn’t. If you would like to know more about encryption and how to use it to keep your data secure, reach out to one of our experts.

#4: How Reliable Are My Security Measures?

Like any other system, your security systems have to be tested regularly. The more stress you put them under, the more effective they will be when the problems are real.

Establishing benchmarks will give you greater insights into your IT and will identify weak spots and vulnerabilities that aren’t always evident. 

If you would like to talk to one of our IT experts about getting your IT security squared away, call us today at PHONENUMBER.