36% of Workers Feel Stuck Using Outdated Technology

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36% of Workers Feel Stuck Using Outdated Technology


Many businesses may be holding themselves back by not committing to the proper use and maintenance of their technology. As a result, worker productivity suffers and consequently, so does the business’s return on their tech investments. Is your technology holding your business back from maxing out profits?

In a survey conducted by CIO Insight, it was found that the respondents blamed Internet speeds and network outages most often when asked what the biggest recurring tech-related problems were in their workplace, with 31.2 percent complaining that these events caused more lapses in productivity than any other issue. The next most prominent issue, at 22.5 percent of responses, was remembering passwords. Coming in third were issues with access permissions, with 14.4 percent of respondents placing the blame upon them for impeding their ability to achieve consistent productivity standards.

This is, of course, assuming that the workers even utilized technology to achieve their day-to-day tasks. Only about half (49.6 percent) of those in the 35-to-54 year age range use technology solutions in the workplace. Surprisingly, an even smaller percentage (46 percent) of workers aged 25-to-34 reported being tech users in the workplace. Yet, when it comes to total usage numbers, approximately one in every three employees don’t use technology to complete even the most menial tasks.

These findings jive with another data set the survey provided. 34.1 percent spend between one-to-two hours each workday completing work that an automated system could easily handle, for a total loss of ten hours each week in productivity. Presuming the average worker has a paid workday of approximately eight hours, that’s more than a day’s worth of work lost for each employee–every week–that businesses are paying for.

Outdated solutions hurt more than just the bottom line too; employee morale suffers as well. For every four workers, there is one that believes that their company hinders their productivity through technology and the policies that the organization has implemented to govern that technology. Dissatisfaction in their company’s technology was highest in the 25-to-34 age group at 30.9 percent, with the 54-to-64 age group following close behind at 29.1 percent. Out of all respondents totaled up, 36.8 percent feel their company’s technology is outdated.

Most staggering, these issues, and inconsistencies waste $1.8 billion for United States companies each year.

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