Room Service, You Want Malware?

In a recent finding, assorted large hotels owned and operated by HEI Hotel & Resorts have been victims of malware since 2015. 20 of the company’s hotels were affected, with customer financial data being exposed in a real-time, point-of-sale malware attack. Have you recently stayed at one of these hotels? A list of the affected…


Tip of the Week: 4 Ways to Maximize Your Office Space for Productivity

It’s a stereotype well known in popular culture; the drab office filled with countless employees pecking away at their computers, perpetual frowns on their grayscale faces. Fortunately for the modern worker and, by extension, the business that employs them, statistics have shown that the environment in which one works can have direct and significant repercussions…


How it Can Cost You $20 to File Away a Paper Document

Digital file storage has been a game-changer for many small and medium-sized businesses that heavily rely on file retention. Instead of storing paper records in a huge room dedicated to file storage, businesses are focusing on digitizing their records and storing them electronically in storage systems designed for use in the cloud. However, efficiency is…


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